Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Checking in for a check up

What would you do if you KNEW you could not fail.....

Well...its been a few weeks if not months since I wrote here. I think the emergence of Facebook in my life has taken me away from this blog. Call me crazy...but I love keeping up with my friends, posting pictures and such....but...when I need to really work some things out on paper (or computer screen)...I always find my way back to my blog.

Its been hard for me to write these last few weeks. I have been focused on many different things including family, training, work, home and life in general. It's been a hectic life the last few weeks.

In May...my husband lost his dearest Uncle...Monsignor Tom Daly. Not only was the Monsignor a significant role model in my husband's life, but he held a soft spot in my heart. He was an incredibly intelligent man with a passion for life and his faith. It was a blow to our family and he is missed. The weeks leading up to his departure from this earth were stressful...but it showed me how very fleeting life is and how we must do the things that are important to us ....

While in Boston with my husband's family, I had to adapt my training. Im not really use to running in the snow...or swimming with 2 feet of snow piled up next to the windows of the pool deck...but there I was...riding a indoor trainer, running on the treadmill...and adapting. Two weeks of my training was spent in a hotel pool and fitness center...the best I could do given the circumstances.

On the heels of our Uncles death came the Gulf Coast Triathlon. I usually write a whole race report on the major races in my year...and maybe I will for this one...but the long and short of it...I took 21 minutes off my time. A huge victory for me...but my times are still slower than what I need to complete the Ironman in 17 hours.

I still continue to struggle with weight but I am happy to report that I have been successful in maintaining my weight within 7 pounds since my major 30 pound loss last summer. Sure, I would love to be lighter....I would love to be leaner....but I consider the maintenance of a weight loss a success and I wish to continue the weight loss THIS summer.

In a few weeks, I will return to Structure House...a weight loss facilities that treats people with eating disorders in Durham NC. Ill be going back for 2 to 3 weeks. While I am there, I will continue to train...and hopefully continue this weight loss that I started last year.

As I write, I see so many positive things that have happened to me this year...this Ironman year...but after this last week of training...it makes me wonder....will I ever be fast enough. Will I ever beat that cut off....will I make it to that "promise land" before the clock strikes midnight.

So...as I was walking by my fridge trying not to think about the snack I really don't need, I saw a magnet that I have had on their for years with the quote that started this blog entry....

What WOULD you do if you knew you would not fail?? Its simple. I would do what I am doing right now....I would be working on becoming and Ironman and being at the lowest weight I can to accomplish that goal.

So throw fear aside even though..at this moment...it is eating me up inside...and go for your dreams. Somebody please tell me Im not crazy for having this dream. Five years ago, I had a trainer tell me I would never complete a half Ironman....to date I have completed 6...so why not this?? Why not the Ironman?? Why not now???



Write down your dream, look at it daily, think about what it will take to achieve it... Sounds corny, but the power of intention is strong.

I'm right there with you. My new dream is Kona and I need to do what you need to do. Lose weight. Fact of the matter is...I know what I think you know. 20 pounds on an IM course is good for around 1.5 hours.

The test date for my dream is August 11, 2012.

Mr. Sanford said...

Melissa, I have always though you were beautiful. Scott W. O-Town

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