Friday, March 7, 2008

You gotta rally your troops

And thats exactly what I am doing this morning..

This morning, I have an appointment with a nutritionist to try to help me lose some more weight. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW alot about nutrition but there is something about being accountable to someone else and having a detailed food log that must be reviewed.  I need that accountability.  I need that appointment that must be kept and that weigh in each week.  I have been attending Weight Watchers with my friend, Debbie (who, by the way, has lost 14 go girl) but I think I need someone who cracks the whip a little more.  Since last June, I have lost 30lbs and kept off 26 of it.  This is a huge victory for me but its time to see if we can get the remaining 30lbs or so off. So Im going to give it a shot today with a nutritionist who specializes in sports nutrition.

Today is a workout day with Hector on two fronts: first, a normal water workout in the morning then a water running session with some other triathletes that experiencing some issues with muscles and joints.  Ill keep you posted on how all that works out!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Well...we'll see what the MRI says..

On Tuesday, I ended up seeing the fine doctors at Orlando Ortho to check out my knee.  They did a short but rather PAINFUL exam and believe I might have a meniscus tear in the left knee.  I went for my MRI this morning and will have results NEXT Thursday afternoon.  For now, no running on the road but plenty of running in the pool.  We were planning a trip to Kona so I could train on the big island, but we have now changed our plans to go to Maui and just have some fun. Don't worry, the hotel has a full gym, pool and spin classes.

I am scared. I won't lie.  I am scared this will end yet another attempt at an Ironman.  I will tell you this.  Being injured makes you appreciate your ability to train..and better yet..your ability to just do normal things around your world.  Maybe this is God's way of getting my attention.  A little tap on the shoulder from the big guy upstairs to say " HEY!! Get serious.  Are you going to just talk about it..or are you going to DO IT!!  Guess I better go hit the pool!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I tip my swim cap to my Team in Training running coach

After years of training 100's of people to run their first marathon, tonight, my Team In Training Run Coach, Beth Crepeau braved the Downtown YMCA pool to put in her first swim workout in alot of years.  Beth is an accomplished runner and can boast completing the New York City Marathon and completing not 1 but 2 Goofy Challenges at Walt Disney World.  This year she has decided to take on a new challenge: triathlon.

The tables were turned just a little.  I saw the look on her face as she slipped into the water tonight.  Thats the look I had on my face as I tackled my first 10 mile workout for my first marathon.  She had made it sound like she didn't know how to swim....

I got big news: the run coach is a fairly decent swimmer!!!  I wouldn't put her on the blocks in the next Olympics but Beth did an outstanding job!!  

So to the run coach turned triathlete, I tip my swim cap!! Girl, your bravery inspires!!!

Say a prayer...Im headed to the doctor today..

As much as I didn't want to do this, Hector and I both agree its time for a doctor to check out my leg and make sure things are ok.  I usually don't mind a little pain.  I know when someone my size is trying to do endurance events, there is going to be some pain and soreness...but this is definitely different.  Those pains go away with a little ice, some stretching and some rest.  This pain is still with me.

What I want to hear is that its a pulled muscle and it will heal with a little time.  What I DON'T want to hear is its a stress fracture or a tear that will take months to heal or worse...requires some sort of procedure.

Cross your fingers...say a Ironman dreams may be in the balance! But..lets keep this in perspective-in the grand scheme of life...this is small stuff!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The person who said Florida is Flat hasn't been to Clermont

Ahhh..Clermont. The former mecca of the Citrus world has now become the place where cyclist and triathletes in Central Florida get their weekly (or daily) dose of hill climbing. It has now become the place where I bitch, moan and whine the most!!! Saturday morning consisted of a 2 1/2 hour bike workout around Lake Minneola and up into the Cherry Lake Subdivision. Hector, my coach, does group rides with the Central Florida Tri Club (he is the founder and director) and I was invited to join the group.

Well...I tried...and died!!!

It is quite humbling to be the slowest one in the bunch, but I was determined. With all my focus, I climbed those *&^%$# hills cursing my trainer with every pedal stroke. It was a damn good workout...and one that showed me that I have to continue to be consistent and get all my training in. I will probably never be fast but I WILL be consistent and I WILL make the 17 hour cutoff.

I watched a very moving video tonight. It was a video of a gentleman who is dying from cancer with his persepective about life and living it to the fullest. I urge you to view this if you have not seen it yet. This video really put alot of things in perspective for me. I hope it will touch you as well:

Please comment and let me know what you think of the video AND..if you have any comments on those glorious hills in Clermontland (Im going to call it "Pain Land" from now on) ... please feel free to opine.