Friday, March 7, 2008

You gotta rally your troops

And thats exactly what I am doing this morning..

This morning, I have an appointment with a nutritionist to try to help me lose some more weight. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW alot about nutrition but there is something about being accountable to someone else and having a detailed food log that must be reviewed.  I need that accountability.  I need that appointment that must be kept and that weigh in each week.  I have been attending Weight Watchers with my friend, Debbie (who, by the way, has lost 14 go girl) but I think I need someone who cracks the whip a little more.  Since last June, I have lost 30lbs and kept off 26 of it.  This is a huge victory for me but its time to see if we can get the remaining 30lbs or so off. So Im going to give it a shot today with a nutritionist who specializes in sports nutrition.

Today is a workout day with Hector on two fronts: first, a normal water workout in the morning then a water running session with some other triathletes that experiencing some issues with muscles and joints.  Ill keep you posted on how all that works out!!

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