Thursday, March 6, 2008

Well...we'll see what the MRI says..

On Tuesday, I ended up seeing the fine doctors at Orlando Ortho to check out my knee.  They did a short but rather PAINFUL exam and believe I might have a meniscus tear in the left knee.  I went for my MRI this morning and will have results NEXT Thursday afternoon.  For now, no running on the road but plenty of running in the pool.  We were planning a trip to Kona so I could train on the big island, but we have now changed our plans to go to Maui and just have some fun. Don't worry, the hotel has a full gym, pool and spin classes.

I am scared. I won't lie.  I am scared this will end yet another attempt at an Ironman.  I will tell you this.  Being injured makes you appreciate your ability to train..and better yet..your ability to just do normal things around your world.  Maybe this is God's way of getting my attention.  A little tap on the shoulder from the big guy upstairs to say " HEY!! Get serious.  Are you going to just talk about it..or are you going to DO IT!!  Guess I better go hit the pool!!!

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