Monday, March 3, 2008

I tip my swim cap to my Team in Training running coach

After years of training 100's of people to run their first marathon, tonight, my Team In Training Run Coach, Beth Crepeau braved the Downtown YMCA pool to put in her first swim workout in alot of years.  Beth is an accomplished runner and can boast completing the New York City Marathon and completing not 1 but 2 Goofy Challenges at Walt Disney World.  This year she has decided to take on a new challenge: triathlon.

The tables were turned just a little.  I saw the look on her face as she slipped into the water tonight.  Thats the look I had on my face as I tackled my first 10 mile workout for my first marathon.  She had made it sound like she didn't know how to swim....

I got big news: the run coach is a fairly decent swimmer!!!  I wouldn't put her on the blocks in the next Olympics but Beth did an outstanding job!!  

So to the run coach turned triathlete, I tip my swim cap!! Girl, your bravery inspires!!!

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