Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

Find the problem, I kept saying. Tell me what the heck is wrong with me!! WELL, I got my wish today...but it wasn't what I wanted to hear.

My dear P.A. from the Ortho clinic called to let me know the results of my MRI (hows that for service..less than 1 day after the test) and he had a laundry list

1. I have a "joint mouse"! This is a bone or cartilage fragment floating around the joint causing symptomatic pain.

2. I have abnormalities in the joint bone itself from years of morbid obesity and the constant pressure on the bone has worn them to a "peak" instead of being smooth and rounded. The P.A. recommended that these be smoothed out for less pressure and pain using surgery via arthroscope.

3. A minor tear of the meniscus that, if left alone, would probably heal, but since they are going in to do this other work, will repair this tear.

I think I had the typical thoughts most athletes or competitors have when the word "surgery" is used in a sentence. How long will it take for me to recover? Will I be able to race again?? Will I ever be able to go long distance for an Ironman?? Will this change me from an athlete to a person standing on the sidelines and cheer others on.

So many questions...not many answers...but I will learn more soon. The appointment with my doctor is for Friday at 215PM. The funny part....I went to high school with the surgeon. Maybe that will help me...maybe it won't!!

As always...Ill keep you posted!! Your comments are always appreciated!!



Good luck.
Take the answer about doing Ironman with a grain of salt. If he isn't one (an ultra guy), he will say you're over. He would be wrong. The swim won't bother you. The bike shouldn't bother you. And you have already learned the walk 1 jog 1 technique which shouldn't hurt you.
I wouldn't even ask him... just do it!

Irene Odell said...

You were planning on taking a little time off from IM this year anyways....so its perfect timing to heal an injury.


Julie said...

hugs to you...it's been a rough week I hope all goes well on Friday.

Kendra said...

Ditto to Bob's comments. Unless the doc is an athlete, they know nada. I had an emergency appendectomy 6 weeks before my first half marathon. Doc told me it was "highly unlikely" I'd be able to do it. And he was a runner so it was from the viewpoint of "well she's going to miss X amount of training and have to rebuild mileage, etc, etc" \/\/hatever! he was wrong. It was fine. Anyway, it is so much better that this happen this year than next year when you're down 20 lbs and ready to kick butt at IM.

Lani said...

I would get a second opinion regardless. Anytime surgery is suggested get a second opinion. Period. Find a good sports medicine Dr. (get a referral over at National Training Center it's not too far from you) and just ask!