Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ouch...Damn That Hurts!!

Ive been working out seriously for 8 years now..and I have been very blessed not to have any major injuries (knock on wood).  I have the typical aches and pains that come with endurance sports, but nothing like I have experienced in the last 24 hours.

After my workout with Hector on Tuesday, my left knee and I.T. Band hurt so bad that I couldn't walk correctly.  I came home and iced the leg and elevated it plus took some Tylenol but the pain got worse throughout the day.  I ended up going to Epcot last night with my husband and had dinner at Morocco and could barely hobble back to the car.  It brought back memories from the Disney Marathon slowly making my way around the World Showcase.

This morning, it has improved.  I did my bike workout and this actually seemed to help the range of motion but MAN...this really hurts!!  You get all kinds of fears in your head when you have pain like this.  Am I going to have to hang up this idea of running an Ironman? Am I still too damn heavy to make this attempt?? Do I need to go see a sports physician?  I am going to take it easy on it tonight and apply more ice and elevation and see where we go from here!

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Coach Bill said...

Missy - I can tell you something I have done for my IT band (beside normal stretching) I went for massage therapy and hhad them do a deep tissue on my IT band - it helped a great deal. I went to the training center and saw Maria.

You need to make sure that you get some sort of deep (or medium) tissue massage - I regualr rub down will not help you.

Also - try a foam roller - you can get them on line or I think TS has them.

Good luck with it.