Thursday, April 24, 2008

The finest gifts are the friendships we cherish

Yesterday was one of the longest days I have had in awhile and believe it or not, it only included work and no workout.

I was up at 4am for boot camp and did 6 assesssments (6 new clients joining the program) all between the hours of 5am and 9am.  I grabbed a wonderful breakfast with my hubby then it was off to my Dive Physical at Walt Disney World.  As of next week, I have been a Divemaster at the Living Seas for 2 years.  I love my job but never like going into Health Services for the blood work, hearing test, eye test, breathing test and ...all that other stuff!! Then it was off to work at 1130a with full groups of divers, fish feeds and gear clean up.  I got out of work at 800pm.

When I arrived home, my house was humming with activity.  I love it when its like this.  My friend Beth was here with her two adorable girls who greeted me with hugs and were dying to show me the newest Hanna Montana trading cards.  My oldest friends Mike and Vi were here telling tales of long drives off the 5th hole and Vi's continued running workouts.  Karen had arrived after an extremely long day of teaching at Valencia and leading exercise classes at the Y creating amazing salad in the kitchen while my business partner, Rick put his feet up after trying to make a disappointed fitness client happy  and an early morning of 4 straight hours of boot camp.  Ohh..and Debbie...we call her "little debbie" (we especially call her that now because she has lost 25lbs) was here lending her hand in the kitchen.  My beloved husband was grilling steaks and the house had this aroma of summer...and of a great midweek party.  My husband is the grill master and even went to the store to buy dinner and supplies plus some roses for me!  Ive been married 23 years and he still buys me flowers..just because.

Look at all these people, I thought to myself.  I am truly blessed beyond measure. Real, true friends of heart and character that can just hang out at your house with a glass of wine, a kind word and a warm feeling that this is home.  I was tired from a long long day but it was so good just to share this time with the people that have stood by me and been my friends for a lot of years.

As I enter into the official start of triathlon season with the running of St. Anthony's, I couldn't think of a better way to kick of this weekend's events than to spend this time with those special people.  All of them will be in St. Pete this weekend.  My best to Karen and Rick as they run the race (Karen is running her first Olympic).  Mike and Vi will be at the swim start and along the final mile of the run screaming at me to keep my head up and run hard.  Debbie will be at transition taking pictures and Steve will be there in person this time screaming "Go Cutie Go!!".    Beth will be there with lots of cheering and observing all the triathlon ins and outs as she prepares for her first 1/2 Ironman and later in the year goes for Ironman Florida

I am blessed beyond measure. 

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