Sunday, April 20, 2008

...The horse headed to the barn...

I got up at 500am to do what was to be a 60 mile ride.  Two riding buddies decided  not to go so I was on my own to get some miles in.  As I got my stuff together, racked my bike and made my morning stop at 7 -11 for water and a Powerbar,  a nice fine mist of rain began to fall.  "GREAT" I grumbled.  A wet long ride.

It is very interesting how a ride alone in a soft light rain can give you perspective on exactly WHY I am doing this.  I remember 9 years back how hard it was to walk around a grocery store and now here I am trying to get myself to go a little fast and a little farther...

Mentally,  I have a horrible habit that I can't seem to get around when Im tired.  When going out for a ride or a run, if I have to run/ride past my house or car during the workout-its over.  I just want to go in or jump in and home.  Its just one of those mental games that I must master before November.  Hey at least Im honest.  On this day, I parked my car at mile 0 of the West Orange Trail and rode to the end and returned to the car : 30 miles.  After being wet, cold and sore, I was done and I gave in to the seat heaters in my vehicle.  I did convince myself to head out on my 4 mile run afterwards....but the complete workout was not accomplished.  I must get mentally tougher

I think it is hard as well when you ride or run alone.  The excuses run through your head and they start to make sense the more fatigued you become.  Ironman Florida is two loops on the run.  You KNOW I need to get over this prior to the race!!!

Gotta get stronger..physically and mentally!!

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