Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sometimes you're just not prepared!!

Ironman training is serious stuff..right??  Well, apparently, in my world, its all about the thrill of the challenge and the fun of training with your friends.  Its about learning new skills, unlearning bad habits (like chocolate, potato chips and french fries) and laughing at your mistakes...

Monday night was one of those learning experiences that will make me giggle for weeks to come.

In the quest to balance family time with training time, I had planned to go see my parents prior to my 7pm run with Beth (check out her blog using the link to the right).  Being the fine southern lady that my mother is, I walked in the door and she had dinner cooking.  What was on the menu?? Steak.  22 oz of steak actually...for each person.  After informing my parents that I had just come over to say hello and that I really couldn't sit and eat, I was given the guilty trip explaining that she had made a beautiful meal and that I should sit down and enjoy some...

I can't say no to my mother.  If you have ever met my former beauty queen mom, you would understand...she doesn't take no for an answer.

So I sat down for dinner and ate probably 3 ounces of meat and some veggies, had a great chat with folks and them it was off to the Y to run.  As I arrived at the Y, I reach around for my gear bag bag.  I must have put it in the back of the car, I thought to myself.  I pop the hatch...hmmmm...still no bag.  No bag equals no jog running tights...and no dry fit top. 
Ironmen adapt..adjust and overcome...right??  Well...thats what I decided to do.  My run with Beth was a lovely fashion statement consisting of fleece lined long baggy sweatpants, a cotton Livestong shirt, a boot camp baseball cap,  a normal bra (and here's the scary part people...Im a 40 d)..and running shoes (at least I had those!!).  After contemplating the two black eyes I was probably going to endure from this run WITHOUT the jog bra I refer to as my "bullet proof vest", I decided, the run needed to get done...with or without the proper equipment. The hour long run took us from the Downtown Y to Lake Eola with two laps around and back to the Y.  My pace is still slow but better than it use to be.  

Ohhh..and remember the steak.  I now refer to it as the gut bomb that went off about 30 minutes into the run.  Don't EVER eat meat for the run.  I may never eat steak again.  Ugh!! 

I have heard of triathletes showing up at races and forgetting a piece of equipment and having to problem solve the situation.  I look at my hour run with Beth as a learning experience...and one that I hope I won't have to experience at a race.

Like the boy scouts say: Be prepared!

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