Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The first workout is always the worst

Welcome back to reality!! Christmas was so much fun. Family, time off, decorating the house and the tree, seeing old friends. Six weeks I took off from Ironman training. The first 3, I didn't miss it. I was so tired. I enjoyed waking up on a Saturday morning and walking my golden retriever down to Starbucks for a coffee and a good read of the Saturday paper. I had a blast exchanging gifts and helping my parents shop for their teenage grandchildren at stores they have NEVER set foot in let alone heard of!! It was all wonderful.

January 1st arrived...and it was like a switch clicked off in my head. Back to reality. Back to the pursuit of a dream. Its time to open up that "Workout Bank Account"!! Its that account I put all the days of training: the long rides, the long runs and those thousands of laps and open water swims. The theory make a BIG withdrawal on race day in the hope that you have enough to get you through the day. The "bank account" showed a zero balance ... until today.

I think I will remember today's run workout as I make my way through the marathon portion of the Ironman. I think the discomfort I felt in those first few minutes of running after so much time away will probably feel similar to some of the run in the Ironman. It was awful. You lose alot of fitness by taking time off. I have lost more than I thought.

But its not all gloom and doom. Its simple. Everything gets better from here. Yes. I know. I am going to have some really bad days and Ill have some amazing days of training, but its all on the upswing from here.

A 1 hour run workout directly followed by a strength and agility workout with Hector made me one sore and tired puppy. Agility!! Yeah right. Not something I have alot of...but again...its all part of the process!!!

It all gets better from here!!!


The Running Girl said...

Great job on starting the year off with your workouts! Yes, you lose fitness with time off, but oftentimes you come back stronger. Your body needed a break. Can't wait to follow your journey this year.

Kathy said...

Welcome back to training! So glad you had a good break though - it will make starting again so much easier for it!

Missy said...

You had posted on my site many months ago and then I met you at IMFL (I never knew the outcome). Give it HELL this year! Don't know if your drink was spoiled, food poisoning or took in too much salt water?

Trigirlorlando said...

The final analysis: I have three different custom drink formulas on Infinit Nutrition. I had ordered my final "version" of the drink prior to Ironman but they sent it to me in a big "Bag" instead of small envelopes (I travel with those easier) I called the company and had them ship the envelopes and they arrived the day before I left. They sent me the 1st version which was higher in sugar instead of the final version of my endurance drink. Too much sugar + gastric bypass = absolute disaster. I experienced something known as "dumping syndrome" - it is similar to a diabetic reaction. I threw up on the bike for 56 miles..until they final pulled me from the course at the special needs site! Not to worry...Ill be back for 2009.