Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When the coach and trainee just don't agree

After a year of training with Hector, it was bound to happen. I gave Hector a piece of my very tired mind concerning my very sore and tired body. Today I went to workout and had to tell Hector I could hardly walk. The workout that I did on Thursday that included over 50 squat thrusts and 20 jumps over small traffic cones left my knees an absolute wasteland. I got up Friday morning and ran the Disney 5k and you would have thought I ran the marathon. Everything hurts. I know this is going to be harder now...but is the high impact training REALLY necessary?

Feel free to call me a wimp!! The floor is open and the soapbox is available!!


Big Geek said...

In the nick of case you don't remember there are LOADS of low and no impact ways to train. Use those to start and work into the impact after you have tone and strength back from the holidays. No sense in pounding your self when its not necessary.

IronBob (spawning at IMAZ?) said...

I am not a subscriber to impact training. If you had two trucks and one drove everyday on pot hole gravel roads and the other on smooth concrete, which one do you think would last longer?
Find a new support group if he doesn't listen, after all I want to see you at the IMFL starting line!!