Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WARNING: Do not allow your Ironman Coach access to the "remote"

I am an observer of life. I am a voyeur of how the little things in life dictate the grand scheme. Nothing illustrated this more than my first workout with Hector and my new Endless Pool.

For those that read this blog and have not a CLUE what an Endless Pool is, it is an incredible machine that creates a current that you swim against making for hours of great low impact, high calorie burning fun. Did I say this was fun? Well it can be until Hector shows up.

Like a boy on Christmas morning, Hector found that the remote control to my Endless Pool was an item of endless possibilities. Ohh look- a whole new way to torture my favorite client!! ( maybe Im not his favorite..but in my world I am!!)

I started with a warm up of 15 minutes of steady, slow swimming prior to Hector's arrival. Then, we started speed drills just like you would do on a treadmill for running. Two minutes at one pace, two minutes recovery. Then 4 minutes, then 6 minutes. Since my legs are large, it is sometimes difficult for me to keep my body position sleek in the water so he had me don running shoes. Yes, you read that right, regular running shoes in the pool swimming freestyle. I was quite a sight to behold.

We worked on form and speed. At times, I felt like a Gerbil in the large wheel of my cage but with no control over the speed of the wheel. Hector made each set faster until I simply couldn't keep up. I grumbled under my breathe...and he giggled. Glad he was happy!!!

The great thing about today's workout is that it brought focus back to my Ironman dream. Hector just completed Ironman New Zealand and took 45 minutes off his previous Ironman time. He absolutely SMOKED the run. A beautiful accomplishment for a great man.

"Hold on to my hope can do this!!" Hector told me. If you see me with two thumbs up in my pictures, you will know I gave it 100%. It made me cry to see those two thumbs up at his finish!!!

When I ran the Princess Half Marathon, all I could think of were those words...Hold on to the Hope Melissa...hold on. If you give it your best...give me two thumbs up!! And in my Princess Half Marathon have just that...two thumbs up!!

Hector doesn't read this blog but if you guys ever see him, you can tell him that his client is still holding on to his Ironman dream is still alive and well!!!


Kathy said...

Hello there - long time no comment. Hope you are doing well, and recovering ok.

HOLD ON TO HOPE. I like that....

Congrats on a great sounding race.

The Running Girl said...

Great post! Always hold on to hope.

How do you like your endless pool? I've always wondered if they were worth it.