Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two weeks home: Goals Setting and Focus

I have had a range of emotions since I have returned home...mostly good, some very negative and some that we're easily recognized as a part of my eating disorder. I am a firm believer in failing yourself to success and I have used that thinking to get through the low points..and the high points of this week.

The Economy has been a definite challenge as I continue to run my Boot Camp with my business partner, Rick Stafford but I am happy to report that business is not bad. We arn't breaking records, but its not the worst I have seen either. My trainers are hanging in there and providing a great service. They are indeed the reason we are still here and celebrating our 7th anniversary of business.

When my husband left on Friday, it was the first time I was alone and home to deal with my eating. I followed what my instructors and therapists had prescribed: have a plan and stick to it when you can. If you can't, do the best you can and make the best choices possible. It was easy to recognize triggers for eating and sometimes I was able to head them off at the pass but I can't say that I had perfect eating during the weekend. I have tried to relinquish that "black and white" thinking about nutrition and eating and tried to understand WHY I overate when I did. It seems to be helping.

I had my first workout with Team in Training on Saturday morning. I do love working out with a group of people that are just starting to learn about Triathlon. I am a little intimidated by alot of the people on the Central Florida Tri Club because they are all so GOOD and FAST. There is a wider range of abilities on the Team in Training crew and there I feel like I fit in. Coach Beth is doing a great job at rallying the troops and keeping folks motivated.

I will run another half marathon this weekend. The Princess Half Marathon is an inaugural event at Disney that replaces the 15K women's race they have done for the past few years. This time, I won't be running the race alone (like in Myrtle Beach). So far my business partner Rick, Coach Beth, Sandi Fuller, Geni Wright and myself are running the race. We have reserved a suite at the Contemporary to be the base of fun for the weekend :) Steve was suppose to be able to share this weekend with me but his schedule was changed and he has been called to work. He leaves today to start a 5 day trip.

My goal this weekend is to run a half marathon that is 10 minutes faster than Myrtle Beach. It is suppose to be a bit warm on Sunday so I am still hanging on to hope that I can improve my time. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and cross whatever you can :)

I need to get more focused on my workouts and keep in mind that I have 248 days until Ironman Florida. This year's top goals are:

1. 30 pounds lighter by Ironman Florida
2. Complete two Half Ironmans (Gulf Coast and Augusta 70.3)
3. Complete Ironman Florida in under 17 hours (16:59:59 would work for me) and become an Ironman

As always...I will keep you posted!!!


The Running Girl said...

Sounds like you are doing a good job at home. Keep up the good work. And good luck Sunday!

IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

Remember: Keep the faith, work hard, focus and your dreams will come true.
Good luck