Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Im home

I have returned back to Orlando. My plan was to stay 4 weeks at Structure House but my husband called last Thursday with a bit of a health scare. He has had terrible abdominal pain and the doctor decided to do a Cat Scan. I packed up my stuff, told my staff members and was on the road in 3 hours. I couldn't let Steve go through this by himself.

Friday's scan was very quick and simple but I understand what its like to face a procedure when you are alone. It is better to have someone hold your hand or just be in the next room looking on. The scans were negative. He is cleared to fly but we still don't know what this pain is that keeps coming and going.

My plan was in my last week at Structure House, I would plan two weeks of menus so when I returned home, I would be armed and ready to face food choices. I would have my grocery lists and everything I needed to make my eating easier. Obviously..that didn't get to happen so I came home and I have been taking it one day at a time...just like they teach you.

I have maintained my weight since I have been home and maintained food records. There have been some challenging moments but the best thing of all is that my husband has been here with me the entire weekend and first part of the week. He leave Saturday and I believe that is when my challenges will really begin. I have discovered that I am a closet eater. I like to eat alone and in private. I must realize that the times when Steve is not here, I will need to reach out to other for support. My problem is I have a hard time asking for help. Another obstacle I will do my best to overcome.

My workouts have not been as consistent since I returned home but I plan on getting back in gear on Wednesday. It was all a bit of a roller coaster ride upon my return and I am just getting on my feet.

Oh..and in case you were wondering...the final total of weight loss was 13.5 pounds.

Its good to be home...scary but good!!

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Calyx Meredith said...

I've just found your blog and think you are amazing and brave. I wish I'd found you when you were in the neighborhood (I live in Chapel Hill, NC!) but I'm glad you're back home with your family. I am an aspiring half iron triathlete (with the B2B half on my schedule for Nov 7th) - and I am also recovering from eating disorders and working to lose 35 pounds before my race. I look forward to the chance to read more about your journey. Thank you for putting yourself out there!