Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Attitude can be everything

Spend a little time around people with eating issues and you will find a common thread. Most are not happy with themselves or their lives. Their attitudes speak volumes.

I got up early this morning and attended a 700am Group Cycling class. Me...on a bike...this is definitely my happy place so I was excited to be a part of this two day a week class that they offer here. Two other women arrived who seem to share my enthusiasm as we set up our bikes and got ready for the instructor.

About a minute before the class was scheduled to start, a woman comes busting into the class. She makes a nasty face at the three of us and settles for a bike off in the corner. She tells (not asks) the instructor to adjust her seat. She then tells the instructor to turn on the fan and for GOD sake..get some better music. "This is ridiculous" she says...all this money for this program and we can't have spinning music." We begin the class and this woman continues to complain. About 30 minutes in she just stops pedaling and leaves. The instructor smiled and kept going never missing a beat. When we finished she explained to me that she had had this woman in class before. She ALWAYS complains and nothing is ever right.

I just had to laugh. Im here to do a job. I am here to lose weight, to address my eating issues, to workout consistantly and to go to class and LEARN SOMETHING. I am not here to be waited on and to complain. No, I don't like being away from my family. No, I don't like some of the food I am served. No, I don't like getting up sometime for an early morning workout but its all a matter of perspective. How you see things; how you perseave things becomes your reality. If you see things as being all is well...then...all CAN BE WELL.

So my lesson I learned today: Attitude is everything. I am trying really hard to make some attitude adjustments!!!

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IronBob (spawning?? at IMAZ 08) said...

In life, some people are never pleased. Just smile and be thankful you aren't that way.

My motto since IMAZ 08: Take it easy and dont forget to enjoy the day... (something I reminded myself of that whole day)

Continued good luck