Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I feel like me...even if its 27 degrees!!!

To all those that live in the cold weather part of the country...I tip my hat. Just walking out the door here in 27 degree weather chills me to the bone. I am also battling strep throat, so a fever, plus the cold is making life a bit uncomfortable.

But I am very hopeful and very excited. Although I am weighed in everyday, I am told to remove the emotion from the number on the scale. Its just a number. How do you feel?? How does your body feel without the extra food that you don't really need? You know that feeling don't you..?? ..You go out to an all you can eat buffet and pound down everything on the menu plus dessert. You get in your car and your belt feels as if it is strangling you. Imagine livng that feeling everyday...even with a gastric bypass, thats the way I was living for the last almost three months.

But now...for right now...that feeling is gone...and I feel almost like me again. It even felt good running on the treadmill today. I tried to run outside (it was 29 degrees) and my thin blooded Floridian body just said : NO WAY!! So I scampered off to the warmth of the gym. I gotta tell ya, running on a treadmill to me is so boring EVEN with an Ipod or a good TV show. I would rather be outside seeing the world. The big guy upstairs made this big amazing world and I love to see it on two feet..or two wheels.

I go tomorrow to pick up my punch card so I can use a local indoor pool. The thought of swimming when it is 19 degrees outside is very foreign to me...but I am all for new experiences.

Its been just 3 days...and I feel soooo much better!! I feel like me again...


The Running Girl said...

Yeah! Sounds like you are doing well so far. Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth the Marathon Girl said...

Go Missey Go! I am so proud of you!

DLDancer said...

Yeah! Missey! Go go girl!

IronBob (spawning?? at IMAZ 08) said...

Good luck ..
If you go to my site, there is a link to "Slim down 220, The story of a triathlete". He is down from 450+ to 220s and doing IMFL in November also..
Might give you some moral support.