Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wildman Triathlon-Moss Park


What an amazing morning! Im literally jumping up and down with excitement. Its not for me .. its for the Team. Team in Training's Central Florida Triathlon Team ROCKED THE HOUSE at Moss Park!!!

Now I can't say that I started my morning with such a positive attitude. I awoke at 5am feeling like....UGH...!!! I got up, made coffee and still felt terrible. Im tired and sore and I don't wanna go....

But Im so glad I did!!!

I was running late but made it to the transition where Coach Beth was waiting with arms folded!! "Where have you been?" she asks!! "TRAFFIC" I said with a grind of my teeth. Still, even with coffee, Im still crabby!!

I set my gear and look around and watch some of the team setting theirs. I see their nerves and I remember what it was like. I remember my first race 9 years ago. I didn't sleep. I set my gear 6 times and came back and checked it each time. I worried about a flat tire. I worried about being last. I worried I would not finish the swim. Worry worry worry. I saw it on some of their faces....and I remembered.

I cracked some jokes to ease the tension...and as always at the water's edge, I exclaimed that we could JUST GO GET PANCAKES instead of doing THIS...and as always..I had no takers...so...the gun went off..and we were on our way.

The sun was directly in my face and it was within moments I knew, I had the wrong goggles. I couldn't see anything!! Couple that with the fact that the Lake at Moss Park is the color of McDonald's Sweet Tea and you have a combo that is not too
appealing. My swim was dreadfully slow as I finally made it to the first buoy and around I went.

As I made my way to the second buoy, I couldnt help but stop for a male swimmer clutching swim noodles. He looked terrified. I joked a little bit and made sure he found a lifeguard and then continued.

Around the second buoy and I headed towards the beach. I can hear the crowd and I see a few females still in the water. Ok..so today, I won't be last!!

Out of the water and the race director says my name to the crowd!! Why I still don't know but I made my way up the beach. Next to me is Geni Wright..one of the members of the team. She and I are kindred spirits. We swim about the same...we bike about the same and she runs faster than me. We get to transition and leave with our bikes at the same time. We can't help it...we are both competitive. We mount up..and the race started right there.

Geni doesn't know it..but she pushed me!! Knowing that she was behind me pushed my pace harder than I have done in a long time. I really know in my heart if she had not been back there, I would not have been on my game. Suddenly, my attitude changed. I was LOVING being on the bike and in the aerobars. I focused on my form and power. I made each pedal stroke count. I rounded the last neighborhood and headed back to transition with the fastest 12 miles in a long long time.

From my strength to my weakness, I grabbed my shoes and went out on the run. The 2.75 mile course was nothing compared to the half marathons of the last few weeks, but my legs felt the transition. Ohhh transition muscles don't fail me now.

I love my teammates. I rounded the corner and headed for the Finish Line and they started to scream!! What an incredible feeling to know that there are people there waiting for you!! Coach Beth and the crew made it very welcoming as I finished my first triathlon of the 2009 season on my way to Ironman.

As I made my way out of the finish line area, I joined my team and cheered on the rest of our crew as the finished. Doug, who is battling Leukemia and a member of our tri group finished with great style!! My "brother from another mother" is my hero. Doug...you are one of the many reasons I do this.

So...yeah..it was "just a sprint" but it was more. Today, many of my team got to add a new title to their life list. Today, they became triathletes! Highfives to you all!!!


The Running Girl said...

Go team! That is one of the things I love most about TNT - the friendships, the support, the competitiveness (all in good nature of course) and the fun that is had on the course. Way to get that first tri of the season out of the way.

Elizabeth the Marathon Girl said...


What an awesome blog! I am so proud of you!

Coach Beth

triluvr said...

Missey - you are MY inspiration and I can't wait to do more races with you. Truth is...you pushed me to go faster on the bike than I thought I would. I was trying to keep up with you, but you were killing it!