Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Comparing Notes..

On Tuesday mornings at 5am, I have participated in a bike training session with the Central Florida Tri Club at the Downtown Orlando Y. My trainer, Hector, leads this 60 to 80 minute workout that leaves the team of 40 to 60 triathletes sweaty and breathless. Getting up at 4am is a struggle sometimes, especially on a day I don't have to be at my fitness business. Its an amazing work week workout.

Today was unique, however, as I actually got to chat with some of the other people in the group that are doing Ironman Florida. This team is pretty experienced and we even have members of Team USA in our ranks so for someone like me to be working out with these guys...it can be a little intimidating.

What I found out is...most of them have gone through a lot of the same things I have experienced. I spoke to my friend Kim, who had been out for a week ill. That happened to me early in the season. I spoke to my friend Shannon who's husband is just very tired of all the training-and mine is just ready for all this to be over. I heard about mental meltdowns during the bike, bike trails that were so mentally challenging that some would prefer to sit on a bike trainer for 6 hours instead of doing that trail and suddenly it hit me..

What I have been going through is not unique. Even some of these experienced, talented FAST athletes are in the same boat.

I walked away from this morning's session feeling pretty good about my Ironman journey when I realized that its a struggle for ANYONE who attempts this race. It's good to know that it's not just me in the fight!!



No matter what the caliber of athlete, butterflies and anxiety are all natural.. it is what makes us human.

If you view the race as the "celebration" of year in training, maybe it will lessen the anxiety, and what happens..happens. That's life, you can prepare but you can't control. All in all, though, I couldn't think of a better place to be on Nov. 7 (no matter what the outcome)

Shawn said...

I've had a similar experience while reading blogs. Race reports from athletes at all levels show that we all fight the inner demons out there. Heck, even Chris McCormack "Macca" writes about struggling on the run during his races.

And one other thing, your journey may have seemed a constant struggle to you, but as someone watching from the outside - it's an inspiration. Thank you for sharing every bit of it.