Friday, October 9, 2009

Feeling the Fear and doing it anyway

28 days. I remember when it was 200+ days to Ironman and now we are down to less than a month. Just thinking about the race brings the butterflies to my stomach and makes my heart beat a little faster. The swim start, the rush to make the cut offs are all very real to me now. The fear is very real as well.

But I have learned in the past couple of years that you feel the fear and move forward anyway. I have stood at the start line of many a race with this overwhelming fear to walk away but have pressed forward and achieved my goals.

Ironman presents a lot of time hurdles for me. Instead of looking at the all as one big race, I have sliced them down into section. Each section that is achieved will be a victory for me. Making the swim cut off last year was huge and I have even saved the pictures from the moment I came out of the swim with the biggest smile. I looked at the photographer (who is a friend of mine) and put up the 1 finger...and said "1 down..2 to go".

Next will be making all the bike cut offs. At Ironman Florida, there are some additional cut offs beyond the 515pm deadline so to make each of those will be a victory. Ultimately, I want to be in way before the 515pm cutoff.

And finally...the magical number is 16:59:59. That how long I have before I turn into a pumpkin and would no longer be consider an Ironman. I saw a t shirt recently that said "16:59:59-The time it takes to reach the promise land".

I wish I could calm this fear but right now its huge. I am doing a century ride Saturday and a half marathon Sunday. This should be some of the final major training before Nov. 7th. Never in my life have I wanted to overcome fear and completing a journey more than this!!!



Wow on the mileage for the weekend. I hope next weekend isn't as stiff. We should have some nice "character builder" summer weather for our training this weekend (we are going 100 on Sunday, maybe a small run after).

It is definitely getting REAL. Paid the condo landlord and have the codes to get into the condo...

And if you dont have butterflies, your not human.... you Chrissie Wellington.

Marci said...

Great post... The fear is normal, but you will do this! Here is one of my favourite quotes

"Those that attempt the insane achieve the impossible"

Have a great weekend of training and keep pressing on, your reward is soon!

Markus said...

You will achieve the goal of you make the bike cut-off it is just an walk and run mix that is needed. A "virtual partner" on a GPS watch really helps to keep a to a planned pace. All the best....