Thursday, January 15, 2009

All is right in training land

Ok.. Ok...I blew my stack and got it off my chest on Tuesday but today, it was back to normal. Hector was wonderful today and helped me dramatically. I am still hurting but not nearly as much as I was. We did about 30 min of cardio, some easy agility stuff, a few weight machines and then some SERIOUS stretching and yoga. What a WORLD of difference that made.

I think I learned something in all this: you have to speak up. If you KNOW that something is hurting you, you have to back off and try another path. I know this isn't going to be easy, especially for a plus size woman trying to become an Ironman, but I am determined.

Next weekend is the Miami Half Marathon. I am ready for a victory. Ever since IM Florida, I have been scared of long race. Ive done some 5k's just to get some confidence back but this will be the first test. I don't know if I am truly ready but you really don't know until you make that first step.

Bring it on...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When the coach and trainee just don't agree

After a year of training with Hector, it was bound to happen. I gave Hector a piece of my very tired mind concerning my very sore and tired body. Today I went to workout and had to tell Hector I could hardly walk. The workout that I did on Thursday that included over 50 squat thrusts and 20 jumps over small traffic cones left my knees an absolute wasteland. I got up Friday morning and ran the Disney 5k and you would have thought I ran the marathon. Everything hurts. I know this is going to be harder now...but is the high impact training REALLY necessary?

Feel free to call me a wimp!! The floor is open and the soapbox is available!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The first workout is always the worst

Welcome back to reality!! Christmas was so much fun. Family, time off, decorating the house and the tree, seeing old friends. Six weeks I took off from Ironman training. The first 3, I didn't miss it. I was so tired. I enjoyed waking up on a Saturday morning and walking my golden retriever down to Starbucks for a coffee and a good read of the Saturday paper. I had a blast exchanging gifts and helping my parents shop for their teenage grandchildren at stores they have NEVER set foot in let alone heard of!! It was all wonderful.

January 1st arrived...and it was like a switch clicked off in my head. Back to reality. Back to the pursuit of a dream. Its time to open up that "Workout Bank Account"!! Its that account I put all the days of training: the long rides, the long runs and those thousands of laps and open water swims. The theory make a BIG withdrawal on race day in the hope that you have enough to get you through the day. The "bank account" showed a zero balance ... until today.

I think I will remember today's run workout as I make my way through the marathon portion of the Ironman. I think the discomfort I felt in those first few minutes of running after so much time away will probably feel similar to some of the run in the Ironman. It was awful. You lose alot of fitness by taking time off. I have lost more than I thought.

But its not all gloom and doom. Its simple. Everything gets better from here. Yes. I know. I am going to have some really bad days and Ill have some amazing days of training, but its all on the upswing from here.

A 1 hour run workout directly followed by a strength and agility workout with Hector made me one sore and tired puppy. Agility!! Yeah right. Not something I have alot of...but again...its all part of the process!!!

It all gets better from here!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

God Works in Mysterious Ways

So here I am....New Year...New Journey to Ironman...and I am standing in my kitchen preparing dinner on a Monday night. Its just me...hubby is out flying and have the TV switched on to the Dr. Phil Show.

Suddenly, I HEAR Dr. Phil say: gotta change you life!!!


If this isn't totally weird and insanely ironic...They were doing a New Year's Resolution Show. A woman on his show had made the resolution to lose 30lbs. Her name?? Yup!! You guessed it: Missey.

I almost pasted out laughing. Whether you are religious or not, you must find humor in what a Higher Power can slap on your table in a moment's notice. I know for a fact that I am not going to get my Ironman dream unless I do two things:

1. Train hard and smart.

2. Lose at least 30 pounds.

As Dr. Phil talked to "Missey"...I just sat in awe. I took in all his advice. I listened to every word, just like I was the Missey to which he was speaking. The big guy is trying to get my attention. I taped the show. I figure you can get inspiration from many sources...

God works in mysterious ways....