Monday, March 15, 2010

You adapt...You adjust...You overcome

A rather handsome Citadel cadet turned Marine told me that when I was just in my 20's. I guess the statement made such an impression on me, I married that cadet...and to this day he reminds me of those words when the situation requires.

I got back in the groove today but not in the typical workout fashion. Today, I did my run workout in the pool. With my special water running shoes, I looked forward to this workout with great anticipation. It seemed like it would be easy and fun...

I am here to inform was fun...but easy?? Nope..not so much..

Running in the water is a challenge and for those of us that are vertically challenged, it is definitely MORE of a challenge because you can't cheat in the shallows. It definitely gave me a workout and I felt like I had accomplished some serious work when i exited the water.

After over 10 days of knee and foot pain and two doctor's visit, this is now my workout world. They believe that my IT band syndrome will heal with simple rest, physical therapy and NO running on pavement. My right foot, however, is a tricky issue. I have known for years that I had a hairline fracture in one of the bones on the top of my right foot. After Gasparilla, that right foot started to swell and I definitely had some pain. Normal xray showed nothing so an MRI has been ordered. Until the result return, I am logging the miles in the water.

At 46 years old, Im starting to feel like I am falling apart. First my stomach, now my leg and foot. Come on body, we got work to do!! I feel like I have had more obstacles in the last few weeks than i have ever had in the past...

Ahhh...but we adapt...we adjust...we overcome...yup....and its off to the pool i go tomorrow!!!

As always...Ill keep you posted!!!



You nailed it "You adapt, you adjust, you overcome"

Training programs for the age challenged are not the same as those in their younger years... at least if the age challenged are to continue racing.

That's what is so great about IM racing. The key (in my opinion) is the bike and swim. If you can become a "hammer" on the bike the race is yours and you really don't have to be a great runner. Run 1 walk 1 will bring you home.

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how do u do?

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