Monday, January 7, 2008

4:00AM comes dreadfully early...

4:00 am...and the alarm goes off!! UGH!!  Its time to get up, smile,  and give my great clients a hardy Good Morning in my 5:00am Boot Camp classes...

Yes, you read that right...I own half of a Fitness Boot Camp..

My day starts early and I tend to grumble alot until I see the faces of people who show up for their workout at Oh-Dark-Early in the morning and it reminds me of just how hard it is for all of us to roll out of bed and make this commitment to fitness.  Sleeping in is a luxury for me...which I now enjoy to the fullest when I get the chance but a more exciting benefit of owning a fitness business is to watch people get stronger, leaner, faster and better overall.  It really isn't about getting into the size 6 jeans (although thats a great goal)..its really about FEEEEELING BETTER...and living better.

So I salute my clients who  hit the snooze at 4:00am for just 5 more minutes of slumber before braving the elements and challenges of Boot Camp!!  Hooo Yahhh!!

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