Sunday, January 20, 2008

What? I don't have to mentor this weekend??

And how weird is that!? Friday night, I thought to myself "What time do I have to be at practice tomorrow??" Wait..there is not practice tomorrow.  Well, some of the die hards just couldn't resist, so we got together at the Lake Mary Panera Bread at 6am for a run (and for some of us..a ride and a run).  It was misty, rainy and humid but I did my 45 minute run at Hector's recommended heart rate of the day..and it felt great. 45 minutes?? Piece of cake!!!  I headed off to the Y later in the afternoon to do a weight workout then it was on to cleaning out my workout room at home.  Starting Monday, my workout room is being expanded and updated! It will mean about a month without my normal place for my bike trainer and treadmill (the trainer has been relocated to my bedroom and the treadmill is in storage) but once its should be awesome!

Beth and I ran together for a little while and I experienced some weezing that I haven't had in about 2 years.  I sometimes use a rescue inhaler but its been months since I needed that.  Beth concluded that it was due to the weather that I was having this problem but it was definitely a minor issue.

Hector has already posted next week's workout..looks like fun.  Next week's challenges include the ING Miami Half Marathon (had to have the medal).  If you're going to run this race, make sure you email me...we are all getting together Saturday night for pasta and fun!!!  

Ill post more soon!!

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Amanda said...

Good luck on your IMF training!We will see you there!