Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baldwin Park Tri...It just wasn't my day

So a great weekend but proof that if you don't listen to your coach, you will suffer...and suffer I did.

Saturday was suppose to be a rest day but since I had been sick during the week, I decided to make up my bike workout by going for a 30 miler with Beth.  Did I mention Beth learns FAST.  Correction...Beth IS Fast.  She's getting to be a monster on the bike so out...she'll be speeding by you on a course near you soon.  Annnnyway...we did our 30 miler and I was a good girl.  Good nutrition.  Good rest afterwards.  Oh!! Did I mention?? Im doing a race on Sunday.  That would be less than 24 hours from this workout.

Bad idea.

I woke up Sunday morning with a headache from hell.  I am still getting over a wicked chest cold and sat on the edge of my bed trying to decide "Am I REALLY going to go do this today?".  I got my fannie out of bed and decided that racing was the only option.  I racked the bike, packed my gear and was on my way to Baldwin Park.

And YES..I got there early.  I always do.  Im a worrier.  I gotta set up my gear and stand around waiting because Im always worry about being late for a race.  I got to the transition area and there was Hector doing body marking.  Its not often that you get your coach to do your body marking.  I tried my hardest to sound upbeat but I was feeling terrible.  I set up my gear and headed out to the swim.

God love my friend Sandi.  She came out to cheer us on and she was absolutely awesome.  It was so nice to come around on the bike and have someone screaming your name!!  Hector then came to me a gave me a package.  Inside? My brand new Central Florida Triathlon Club Jersey.  I was almost afraid to try it on because, as some of you know, triathlon clothing is not exactly "big person friendly".  The jersey was a XXL and it fit like it was made for me.  Its the first time I have had a jersey on for a team other than Team in Training since I raced on the Danskin Mentor Team 7 years ago.  I was very excited and it felt great to be a part of such a great group.

We headed to the swim and Beth and I jumped in for a practice.  UGH! The lake was gross.  Dark in color, smelled of sulfur and the weeds were everywhere.  Ive lived on a lake some of my life here in Florida and I gotta tell ya, this was the worst Ive seen in awhile.  I did a few strokes and got out.  Yuck!!

Before I knew it, I was in the water, the gun went off and we were on our way.  This was the WEIRDEST swim course that I had seen.  You had to curve around a dock and then go diagonally to get to the first buoy.  This translated into me swimming god knows how much extra to get to that first turn.  The second leg wasn't bad, but I never was able to get my breath.  The chest cold was killing me as I exited the water.  Hector was there SCREAMING which always gets me moving.

T1.  Im not use to putting on a jersey in T1 but I wanted to wear the new one so I took a little extra time to put on the jersey and the rest of my gear.  Transition time wasn't bad and bike mount was fast.  I LOVED this course. Very technical with lots of turns.  Right up my alley.  I may  not be fast but I can handle a bike and I just love taking the turns hard and fast.  I think several of the fast guys were a little shocked at my bike handling but .. as usually ... I was passed..alot!!!

Coming around the 3rd lap, I see Beth on the side of the road.  Damn it!! Another flat!! I felt horrible.  She was walking it in.  Major bummer for her.  Lap 4, I kicked it up a notch.  Lap 5, I was doing everything I could.  Average bike speed  18.1.  Not bad for the big girl.  For most people thats an average ride.  For me..thats fast.

T2.. I have a new pair of shoes and I have not put speed laces in them yet so my transition time was slower than necessary.  I went out on the run and BAM...I felt like there was a weight on my chest.  Getting air was getting harder and harder.  I walked and coughed but I continued.  At the 2 mile mark I hear my name and looked up.  Hector was waiting for me and pushing me.  He really didn't want to hear excuses.  What he did want to see is me moving my butt and not walking.

I made it to the finish line but it definitely wasn't pretty.  Im very proud that I finished the race but my overall feeling today just wasn't good.  It is days like this that makes you appreciate when your body is feeling strong and fast.  Today also reminded me of how much work I need to do to get ready for November.  I gotta get better...and fast!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there

You are doing a GREAT job of racing and training. Sticking at it when it gets tough is the best training there is. It sucks at the time for sure, but next time you are READY!!!

I really really relate to the post before this one too (in fact I just worte about it last week). I struggle severely from compulsive overeating, and it sure is raising its ugly head at the moment. It's nice to read about someone who is feeling good in that space!!

Keep up the good work!

Trigirlorlando said...

Kathy...I am so thrilled you read my blog all the way in New Zealand!! Its so interesting that of all people, someone from New Zealand would make a comment. My coach just signed up for Ironman New Zealand for 2009 and he really thinks I should try it. I laughed and told him I would really just like to get through THIS ONE FIRST!! :) Will add your blog onto my list :) Nice to meet you!!!

Anonymous said...

When you're ready for IMNZ let me know - we can arrange accommodation at the Miller Hotel (that's my house btw - it is a triathlon hot spot!).

We'll be there watching in 2009, so will be sure to make a sign and look out for him!!