Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another milestone run

At 2pm, I headed off to see my Ironman trainer, Hector. Thursday is one of my days off so it was nice to be able to plan an afternoon workout. I knew my workout would consist of some sort of running...I just figured I would be doing it on the treadmill.


As he meet me at the door, he smiled and said "Its a beautiful day..let's head outside for the run." I looked a little shocked. He told me..."come on...there's a nice breeze and its not nearly as hot as it was last week.." was 92 instead of 102...but hey..who's counting right??

I whined...and then I remembered my mantra in relation to my workouts:


So out to Lake Eola we went. If you haven't been to Lake Eola in Orlando, it is a little oasis in the midst of the City Beautiful. Complete with gorgeous fountain and wide sidewalk, it is PERFECT for running as it is just about 1 mile around. There was a slight breeze...but lets face it...92 is hot! 92 is very hot for a plus size woman who wants to run 5 miles.

Hector sent me out on my first loop...nice and easy...just to get a feel for things. What I felt was sweat ... and lots of it but I completed my first mile faster than any mile I have run this year. Wow!! Really!! I thought to myself. I am getting better.

I headed out on my second lap and got cheered on by 3 homeless guys who reminded me to hydrate. I couldn't help but giggle a bit...I had a cheering section!!!

Upon my return from the 2nd lap I was just a few seconds slower than the first. This was good...but my heart rate was sky high. Hector told me to slow it down a bit on the first half of the lake...and then pick it up on the second half.

And so it went for the rest of the workout...slow half way....faster the rest of the way. Im the kind of athlete who wants to know WHY I am doing a workout. What is it about these conditions and running routine that is going to make me better? Hector explained that he wanted to see how I performed when I was fatigued. Thursdays are a day I usually inform him that I am seriously tired. After working an 18 hour day on Wednesday, I usually don't have a very good workout on Thursday.

But today...I did. Faster...but the heart rate is still high...but were working on it. Just gotta get fast!!!


IronBob said...

Put it in the bank. That's what I do. Withdrawls come in November.

Kelly said...

I love Lake soon as I saw your picture it brought back many memories of walks around the lake and 4th of July celebrations from growing up in Orlando!

Irene Odell said...

Yay to you. 92 is FREAKIN hot...and if you can run in THAT, you can certainly have a good run on a certain strip in PCB!!