Monday, June 22, 2009

Total Utter Frustration

Oh god...its 400am....AGAIN...

I pulled myself out of bed...and I want to cry. I just spent several days with my husband on vacation in Key West. Just two nights of walking the town, getting some sun and the most glorious naps I have ever had. My husband flew us in our own Cessna and it was really an adventure. We got to spend some good quality time together (which I know I desperately needed..and I believe he needed too)

But in the back of my mind....frustration. I am missing workouts. Here I am in paradise with my amazing loving husband who planned this trip for me (and did I mention...he scheduled a massage and pedicure for me when we arrived...Im not making this up) and what am I thinking about....IRONMAN!!

I really need my head examined!! (insert frustrated scream here)

So its Monday and back to reality. Its addicting that laying on the beach...sleeping in...and having a leisurely dinner under the stars. Its that little voice in your head saying "Its ok don't have to workout today...just relax and enjoy."

But I can't...

I gotta stay focused and as patient and as loving as my husband has been...I know he is tired of the Ironman draw on my time. He wants to travel (and believe do I)..but we just haven't figured out how the heck to get my bike in the back of the plane. I can run in these new locations...but the swim and the bike...those are often challenging in locations without a long enough pool (like Key West) or a way to get a bike under me for a long ride.

So are the insane thoughts of an Ironman Dreamer and the balancing act of family, husband, jobs and training.


The Running Girl said...

I'm the same way and I'm not even training for an Ironman. When we went on our cruise last summer I did yoga and spin class on each of the sea days and I ran around the jogging track most days. I can't "relax" if I haven't gotten my workout in. Sounds strange, but it's true.

Calyx Meredith said...

Sometimes it helps when my training plan says that my work for the day is to "absorb fitness". Because it really isn't the workout itself but rather the recovery from the workout that makes us stronger. I'm glad you got some time with your sweet husband even if you had to work to open up and enjoy it at first and even if those 4 am starts are rougher when you get back. Good luck this week!

IronBob said...

You know, you need downtime also. I blog with Bree Wee (pro) and she is coming off a week of R&R. Heck, this past week, I was injured (lower back) and in Chicago on business all week and felt very guilty (0 training for 6 days), but learned some valuable lessons. 1) Take care of yourself, dont over extend 2) The body can be very fragile..but it can also surprise you and 3)Dont kick yourself around, just get back in the saddle and put the lessons learned into your RAM for future reference.

Cheers and Have Fun!!!

Kendra said...

Why couldn't you swim in the ocean? Swimming in the keys sounds fabulous!