Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giving new meaning to "taking the stairs"

Imagine, if you will, that your trainer has decided this is the best training tool available to you for your Ironman!

Welcome to my world!

I had a really crummy day yesterday. Its a long story I will share in the coming weeks but for now lets just say I had
a bad day at work. I came home last night and tossed and turned with very little sleep.

The alarm rang at 6am (sleeping in for me actually) and I headed to my running session with Hector at 7am!

We hit the treadmill for some hill repeats which made me want to die!! This girl is a flatlander but we are trying really
hard to make her into a hill climber. Hector had me step off the treadmill and out the door.

Oh no! Stairs!!

Ive mentioned these before in my blog. 20 flights of nothing but your feet, your elevated heart rate and your brain saying nasty things like "Turn back...he'll never know you didn't go all the way to the top"! As I watched my new Heart Rate Monitor climb, I realized that this was good mental training too!! There are going to be hundreds of times in the Ironman that I will want to find the closest chair and call it a day. There will be still more where my body will probably scream to stop..but I gotta stay focused and push forward.

I made it to the top and headed back down...back to the treadmill and more hill repeats. I figured we were done with the stairs..

Thats something unique about Hector! Just when you think you got it figured out, he surprises you. He brought me off the treadmill again and I wanted to beg for mercy...but he left no time as he ushered me to the echoing halls of my new "gym".

Climb..climb...climb. Bitch..bitch...bitch. And then that vision reappeared in my head...the finish line...and then I remembered why I am here and my purpose for this early morning torture.

Whoever thought the stairs would lead to Mike Reilly and the words "You are an Ironman"

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