Sunday, September 20, 2009

The inspiration of Blogland

Greetings from the land of blood, sweat, tears, triumph and tribulation. Blogland includes all these things and more. I consider my blog "cheap therapy" but it wasn't until I came down with the this terrible cold that has sidelined me for a few days that I have fully appreciated blogland.

The blogs I have tripped over in my journey through cyberspace have a range of emotion. I have giggled. I have cried. I have been inspired. I have been pumped up just by reading their words. To those that follow me...don't worry...Im following you...and all of you inspire me.

I have one friend who just can't remember her blogspot name and when she reads mine..she sends me a message on I got a slap on the wrist and a sweet but stern talking to for using a bike I hadn't ridden in three years. In one recent blog, I had a woman email me and tell me I was her inspiration. She was large and "in charge" but never thought she could do a triathlon. She completed her first sprint a few weeks ago and now she's a junkie. Wow!! Blogland is an amazing place.

In these days that have not included training, I have read and read and read. Books, blogs and emails. I had the pleasure during The Nation's Triathlon to meet Brian Boyle aka IronHeart (check out his story at : Even more inspiration from a man who met death head on and decided to use Ironman to celebrate life.

With just 49 days until Ironman, maybe this is God's way of getting my head on straight. You can learn so much from so many here in to TriMommy, Ryan who needs supervision, Coach Beth, IronMissy, IronBob (Uncle Bob), RBR, the Athena Diaries, NZ Tri Chick and dozens more...thank you for your wisdom.

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Hopefully a nice COOL day on Nov. 7. That would serve us well..