Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Snap out of it"

One of my favorite movies is "Moonstruck" with Nicolas Cage and Cher. A favorite scene in the movie is Cher slapping Cage across the face and yelling "Snap out of it".

That's kinda what I needed this week.

I got a case of the blahs. This usually happens after the build up for a significant race. Once the race is over, you're bummed. This thing you have been looking forward to has past and you miss the building excitement prior to the event. I was VERY excited about doing The Nation's Triathlon because of the beautiful venue and the significance of racing in our Nation's Capital. Call me old fashioned, but I am very patriotic!

Now that I look back at the race, I had fun with my teammates even if I did not perform to the best of my ability. Even professionals have bad days but this race was beautiful and soul stirring. How many times in your life can you honestly say that you shut down the city of Washington and had the roads to yourself. Flying on a bike down a tree lined parkway with the capitol looming in the background is an unbelievable experience.

I believe the other reason I am struggling after my return from Washington is that I am battling off a cold. I lost my voice in D.C. and I thought it was because I screamed and yelled so much. Over the last few days, I have been feeling yucky. NO fever or stuff like that so I don't think its the flu...just a cold in my nose!!

I worked out with Hector yesterday. A 90 minute run that was epic for that simple was 90 minutes of running with only 3 break minutes. I know that sound so novice to most but for me its huge. Running is just not my strong suit but the longer I can run the marathon...the better chance I have at finishing in under 17 hours.

My legs ache a bit. This weekend includes a huge run of 18 miles so my workouts this week have been very short. I have slept a lot trying to battle off this cold. I just feel like I am in a weird place right now just a few weeks from my Half and Full Ironman.

I was driving back from the airport tonight as I dropped off my husband and the sky above the highway was illuminated with light filtering through the clouds. It was breathtaking and this is when I knew I really needed to just "snap out of it". Life is so good and this is small stuff. I am so blessed with ability. I need to go out and show the world that this is possible.

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Intense focus for the next 6 weeks.... Take at least 7 days off before the race.

Plus, I need to follow my own lesson, don't FREAK out...

Uncle Bob