Sunday, September 27, 2009

"You got all day...just don't make dinner reservations"

"You got all day...just don't make dinner plans...Im not..." -IronBob

And it is comments like this that remind me WHY I keep this blog!! I get so focused on the elements of this race that I sometimes forget ... IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE FUN DAMN IT!!!

You got all day. Thats right IronBob. I paid for 17 hours of catered fun and excitement and I plan to use all of it but one minute. Ahhh the food...the drink...the scenery...the pageantry that IS Ironman. It's all so....well....EPIC!! Love that word. It just seems to pair with Ironman like peas and carrots!

Pictured above is my bulletin board in my home office. In the past, if there was a goal or an item I wanted, I would put a picture of it on my bulletin board until I got that goal or item. As you can tell from the Ironman Florida sticker, this goal has been around a few years. People told me to envision the finish there it is...from an ATHLETE'S PERSPECTIVE. That is what you see as you run down the chute. Gosh I hope I get to see that view for real!!

I remember the Disney Marathon this year. That race ends in the Epcot Parking Lot and ironically the finish line sits on my cast parking area. Where I park my car every week to go to work is where I would finish one of the most difficult challenges I had undertaken at that point. I remember walking out to the lot one night after work and standing in the chute. I closed my eyes and I could hear people cheering. I could see the clock illuminated. I could see myself running across that line. I could even see my friend, Eddie, who works for ASI Photo taking my picture. It was so real to me. Four days later, it was real. I crossed that line as a storm was looming overhead. I was one of the final finishers. I made the cut off by seconds. I ran in with some of my favorite Team in Training Coaches. To was indeed...Epic.

You got all day Melissa. Can't you see it..?? The swim is smooth and beautiful. The bike is windless and fast (and in my world its all about the bike). The run is partially in the dark but it's cool and draped in 11 years of Ironman Florida history. The finish line is...well...its an Ironman finish...

Just 39 more days...

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Lani said...

Bobby McGee (running expert) did a segment at my USAT training where he took the map of IM AZ and did exactly what you're talking about. What am I going to be saying to myself/thinking at mile 1, mile 5, the bridge, etc. Do the same thing you did for the marathon for IM FL bike and run course, better yet, get photoshop and put YOUR body in the picture you posted, now THAT is imagery!