Saturday, January 2, 2010

And so it begins..

(NOTE: I have been very delinquent in my blogging but I'm getting back in the groove. Here is the post from early Jan. 2010 that I just forgot to edit and publish. Watch for more up to date postings as my office and home computer are back together)

2010 started with an incredible evening of fun, glamor, quick changes and great surprises. My husband and I first headed to a friend's house for an early dinner and to hang out with a few friends until 845pm. We then ran home, switch out of our jeans and t shirts into a tuxedo and gown and head to the "James Bond Dressed to Kill" New Year's Eve party with our friends Rick and Lisa who looked AMAZINGLY like characters from the film.

Now the flyer for this party promised a costume party that never occurred but we still have a good time sipping on martinis (shaken not stirred of course) and seeing the other costumes. The party was so packed that we never made it into the area with the dance floor and stage. We ended up deciding to leave about 1100pm with no particular plan.

As we started the drive home, my friend Lisa suggested we find head to our local cafe for a quiet midnight celebration. As we approached the cafe, it was closed up tight. Oh dear. What do we do now?? Do we just go home?? Do we try another restaurant?

We drove by our favorite Greek restaurant and the music was blaring!! PERFECT, I thought to myself. This could be a fun cultural New Years celebration. We walked in the door of the restaurant and realized that it was a wedding party...complete with broken dishes on the floor, Ouzo flowing freely. Hmmm...don't think this will work either!!!

We walked across the street to Gargi's Italian Restaurant which is right next to our workout site for Boot Camp. I have seen the restaurant 3 mornings a week for 7 years but have never had dinner there. We step through the door and the owner was thrilled to see us. The kitchen was closed but he welcomed us in to what seemed to be a private family gathering but they were so kind we couldn't help but get caught up in the music , the balloons and the fun!!

They offered us a beautiful table on the patio facing the lake and next to the dance floor. The music was Cuban of all things (in an Italian Restaurant...what a shock) and we ordered a bottle of champagne. Just as the popped the cork, the fireworks display started across the lake at a local private club. It was the perfect vantage point for a great display and a wonderful way to ring in the New Year.

We counted the seconds down and toasted the New Year in. My husband I enjoyed every second as it has been a number of years since we have been together on New Years. We danced, hugged and kissed...a beautiful beginning to 2010...

I have great hopes for 2010...I hope you do too.

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Lani said...

I was beginning to have withdrawal :)
Glad all is well!
Have you completed the USAT test yet?