Friday, January 22, 2010

Returning from the Land of Home Renovations

Its the 22nd of January and here I am...Finally....back in blog land. Boy have I missed writing.

Where have I been?? Well...the week after Christmas, I decided that it would be an OUTSTANDING IDEA to renovate my ugly and outdated home office. I had had the same old desk and hutch for 15 years and an office closet that hadn't been cleaning out in about that we cleared it out to the bare walls.

The process should have taken about 10 days..instead it took a month. The gentleman who installed the carpet cut it wrong and it had to be redone. The desk I ordered from Pottery Barn was shipped promptly but the UPS truck had an accident and that delayed its arrival for about 7 days. I decided to replace the baseboards and put in new bypass doors on the closet..that took another 5 days. They always say..the best laid plans...

But finally...after cleaning out a cluttered office closet and 15 years of junk, I have a beautiful new office that is gray, black and white and absolutely serene. It is now the perfect place to work and write and basically communicate and have fun.

We still have the finishing touches to do...custom shutters to install on the windows (they take 6 weeks to construct), shelves to affix to the walls and certificates to hang....but for now...I have gone from working on a card table to working in a peaceful place. Its all good!!

Since January 1, I have lost 12 pounds. I would be voted off the Biggest Loser with those kinds of numbers but for now I am very proud of my loss. I am training with Hector 3 days a week and focusing on my running. I can actually see the progress in my form and speed. I have been consistent and focused.

I ran the "Disney on Ice" Half Marathon two weeks ago. 28 degree temperature at race start + sleet + snow makes for some seriously miserable race conditions. I am a native Floridian and I don't do the cold well. I had an asthma attack at mile 10 but had my inhaler at the ready. I time was terrible..but we made history. I don't think we will see another Disney Marathon Weekend in the snow for many years to come.

Although I ran Disney, my goal half marathon is Miami next weekend. My primary goal is to get a P.R. but if that doesn't happen I would like to get within 5 minutes of my best time. When I ran my P.R. in Philadelphia several years ago, the weather was a cool 50 degrees, no wind and no hills. Miami will definitely be a bit warmer and includes some causeways. I would just like to see my time be close.

Ironman is always on my mind and in my heart. I am making some steps (although small) towards that weight loss goal in May. I believe I will be down the 40 pounds by May and then we can decide whether Ironman is in the cards for 2010. For now, I am enjoying focusing on better running form and speed, weight loss...and a pretty house.

Last night I was installing a new wall shelf in my office. I followed the directions, used a level to make sure the shelf was straight, took great care in drilling the holes for the bracket and installing the dry wall anchors. I got a little cocky thinking "Hey...Im pretty good at this...". I lifted the shelf up to slip it on to the bracket and realized that I had not measured correctly and the shelf was off center by 7 inches. That meant I had to unscrew the entire bracket, remeasure, redrill holes etc. I looked up at the wall and reminded me of Ironman ...

You train and follow the plan. You take care of your bike, your body and your mind and prepare as prescribed. You arrive at Race Day and think "Im ready..." and then you find're not and you gotta do it all over again...

I rehung the shelf...I took the time to do it right and it looks gorgeous. Did I wanna do the task twice?? Heck no....but Im glad I did. Just like with Ironman....Im gonna get it done...Im gonna do it right...and when the finish line will be beautiful!!

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Tri Mommy said...

12 pounds is great! I could tell you had lost weight when I saw you at Track Shack this week, but didn't want to make you self conscious by asking. That is awesome!!