Thursday, January 28, 2010

Treadmill Territory

So my last few weeks of training have been focused on running. Needless to say, running is my weakest event so Hector and I are determined to get some speed out of me. Today, however, I marked a milestone; I ran faster on a treadmill than I have ever done in all the years of training for triathlon.

For most people, it would probably be an average pace but for me it was amazing. At first, I watched Hector move the number higher and higher and I shook my head. He told me..."Melissa...your inability to do this is all in your head." "We're gonna run this pace for 30 seconds with 15 seconds recovery and we're gonna do it 5 times."

I was terrified.

It sounds dramatic but all I could envision was flying off the back of the treadmill like they do on the Biggest Loser. With just a few days prior to the Miami Half Marathon, I didn't want to fall and lose my chance to run. Fear fear fear. It just stands for : False Evidence Appearing Real.

"You can do this Melissa." Hector kept saying. "Relax, lean forward a bit and just kick back with your legs."

I was standing on the siderails of the treadmill watching the belt move and finally, I jumped on.....and to my absolute shock, it really wasn't that hard. The 30 seconds came and went faster than I could imagine and it really wasn't until the final rep that I felt that things got difficult but I believe that is mostly mental at that point.

We ended up doing two more sets of this and one final rep of 1 minute at my top speed. I was tired, winded but I got off the machine, looked at Hector and said "Are we going to do that again tomorrow???"

I love a challenge. I guess that is why I am in love with Ironman. The common man can push himself (or herself) to the limits of their physical and mental being. Today I did some pushing of my own.

The running world would find the speed that I attained today laughable but for me, it was a HUGE step forward. Im starting to believe more and more in my ability.

99 days until the Gulf Coast Half Ironman and 27 pounds left to lose. I have now lost 13 pounds since January 1.

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Kendra said...

yay for running faster! I had the same mental block in my running until a year or two ago. (Many people would still say I'm slow but I'm happy with 11-12 min miles!) Now that you've had a break through, I think you're going to seriously increase your running speed!

Keep up the great work. 13 pounds in 28 days is AWESOME!