Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Celebrating the miles...

When I told a friend recently that I had 17 hours to complete a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run-he informed me he didn't even want to do something PLEASURABLE for 17 hours..let alone swimming biking and running.

But in some twisted way, this is a pleasurable thing for me.  As I ran this weekend in my neighborhood, I went by landmarks of my life.  At mile 1.5 is the first house Steve and I owned as newlyweds.  It is now expanded and beautiful and the people that own it  know that I run by it all the time just to see it.  They wave and smile.  They think I'm crazy too!

I then run around Dartmouth Park where our old home faces.  Its a beautiful little park where Steve and I use to walk three times around to do a mile.  I remember those walks because they hurt so much.  Just walking at over 325lbs was painful. Doing a mile was agony.  Now I run..and I usually pick up speed here..just to prove I can.

Then its down to Lake Silver Elementary where I went to 1st grade.  I attended a private school from 2nd grade to 12 grade that my father help start here in Orlando but Lake Silver was where it all started and it still looks like a very cool place to learn.

Then its down to Par Avenue where the old Daniel's Supermarket use to be.  Its a Walgreens Drug Store now but I can still smell fresh baked bread as I run past that building as if the bakery was still in that store.

Then at mile 6 its Florida Hospital where I almost lost my battle to live.  After my gastric bypass revision surgery that help correct the errors in my 1st surgery (it was a clinical trial in the beginning..they did the best they can), the doctors and nurses at Florida Hospital brought me back from a heart attack, potassium poisoning, and dehydration.

And then at mile 10 I pass my high school where no one would ever believe that the "fat girl" in class who did play volleyball well would ever survive an Ironman.  I run the track every time I go by the school just to celebrate the fact that I CAN ..  Even in high school at 230lbs, I wasn't able to run around the track in P.E.

So, even with the miles I HATE and the hours invested that I could be shopping or just hanging out with my friends, I celebrate.  Right now is my Ironman...not November 1st.  November 1st is just the victory lap.  For now, I need to celebrate the fact that I have come so far.  From barely being able to walk around the local mall to traveling 140.6 miles in 17 hours....that's a long journey.  You gotta look up, look around and say : WOW!


Kathy said...

Here here... Good on you for seeing that

The training is just like depositing fitness into your bank of self; on race day it is time to withdraw it all. Just keep on depositing, and you will have HEAPS to withdraw.

Coach Bill said...

MD - hang in there - you are doing well and it seems like you are getting in the right frame of mind to be able to do this. The miles are the fun part! I remember a 20 mile run I did in your area - 5 x 4 mile laps (since my IM was going to be 5 laps) it was quite fun seeing the same people staring at me for 20 miles, they probably thought I was casing their house. Enjoy it now, during the race, and relish it afterwards!