Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Wheels = New Bike

Oh my gosh!! Im so excited I can hardly stand it!! After much thought and several posts on Beginner Triathlete, I made the jump and bid on Zipp Wheels on Ebay.  To my shock, I WON THE WHEELS and here they are on my bike.  I really wondered if a plus size woman on a tri bike with Zipp Wheels would be like putting mag wheels on a Yugo, but I want to take every advantage I can to Ironman Florida.  I couldn't afford the $2000.00 + price tag for new wheels so these used wheels are just fine!!   So if you see a big girl on this little bike at Ironman Florida, you'll know its ME!!

Of all days for it to be raining!!!  I REALLY wanna go take a ride!! Guess Ill have to wait until Saturday!!!


DLDancer said...

YIPPEEEEEEEEE! WHOO HOO! YEAH! YAHOO! COOL! AWESOME! You go GIRL!!! Doing the happy dance for ya! How exciting!!!


Kathy said...

niiiiiiiice wheels. So jealous over here - jealous I say!