Monday, August 4, 2008

Long training weekend

The reality of Ironman has definitely set in with a 3 hour bike on Saturday and a 12 mile run on Sunday.  My friend, Rick and I headed out to the West Orange Trail and Lake Minneola for some hills and some flat as we did multiple laps around the lake and a return to the trail. I did have a minor fall during the ride and bent my handlebars but no major deal.  I am still having trouble with my transition muscles as we did a short 20 minute recovery run/walk/stumble after the 3 hour ride.

On Sunday, I was back at it again but this time at Cady Way Trail in Winter Park for a 12 mile run.  It got HOT very quickly making my last two miles absolutely miserable.  AS I told my training partners, Sandi and Beth, "It wasn't pretty but its done!!!"  Having some issues with my left knee and left heel.  Ice has now become my best friend as I did a full ice bath and some general icing during the evening.

This is the my week to find out where I stand on individual events.  Tomorrow morning, I am doing the 2.4 mile open water swim at Lucky's Lake to get my time. Next weekend we will travel to Panama City and do the FULL bike course on Saturday and half the run course on Sunday before we return to Orlando!!  By Sunday I should have an idea if I have the speed necessary to make the cut off times.

I am really worried about these cut off times so I am hoping that these workouts will help ease my mind and show me where I need to work harder!!! Ill keep you posted.

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Coach Bill said...

Missy - that is a huge week this far out from IM - make sure you get plenty of rest and eat right - do not want you to get sick and lose training time. Good luck and have fun! You are progressing nicely and Hector is doing a great job with you. See you soon