Thursday, July 31, 2008

When you don't feel like working out is when you need to..

I awoke with what I refer to as "a Divequest hangover".  I am a Divemaster for the Living Seas Aquarium at Epcot in Walt Disney World.  My job is to take care of our huge array of animals, take guests on underwater tours of our environment, do tank maintenance which includes scrubbing the "fake" coral in the tank,  act as safety diver for our guests, perform rescues when necessary (thank god, I have only had to do this three times in my career as a divemaster), and, on occasion, act as Mickey's diver partner and safety diver.  My shift is a unique one : 1130am to 830pm and usually two days a week.  Since I have been training for Ironman, my boss has had pity on me and reduced my schedule to one day a week.

The hard part of my job is lugging gear.  Setting up 12 to 14 sets of scuba gear complete with weights, tanks etc twice a night and then breaking it all down can be exhausting.  By the time I leave Disney, my hands ache and my body is begging for rest.  Couple Divequest with a day of boot camp that starts at 4am and you have a 16 hour day full of activity.

It is on Thursdays that I wake up and DON'T want to do much of anything.  Thursdays are the days that I FEEL 45 years old.  I woke up this morning and contemplated calling Hector, my trainer, and just canceling our training session.  I laid there and thought about another couple hours of sleep, and just taking the day off.....and then ... it hit me...
Less than 100 days...holy crap!!! Its less than 100 days to Ironman.

These are the days that define who you will be.  Will you be an Ironman?? or will you just talk about being an Ironman?  Are you really going to FINISH what you started or are you going to be one of those that just half asses the effort.  This is the conversation I had in my head most of my morning.

So, even though my body is screaming from an Ironman workout, boot camp and 5 hours underwater yesterday, its time to train...its time to decide who I am...

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