Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Recovery Week..Shouldn't we call them "clean up week"

Ahhh....Recovery Week.  Like a little gift from God above.  Single workout days.  2 hour bike workouts instead of 3.5.  2500 yards in the pool instead of 4000.  7 little days that make you sane in this quest for the words "Melissa Daly..You are an Ironman."

In my world, however, I think we should call them "clean up weeks". Why you might ask??  Well, lets see.  The organization of my home and office is directly proportional to the number of hours I work out.  I have a very good friend name Kathy that has a home cleaning business who helps me once a week with the general cleaning of my house.  I would never in a million years call Kathy a maid because she does so much more than just clean.  She plays and cares for my dog, organizes the mess on my desk and even has organized a closet for me a few times.  She keeps me a bit sane and she is a definite luxury every week.

Kathy walked into my house last week and giggled.  I was out of town but she left a note: Must have been a 20 hour workout week.  You know what, she was right.  18 hours..but close enough.

My Recovery Week has included scheduling the electrician, plumber and irrigation repair crew to come to the house and fix all the problems we are having.  It has also included going through a stack of mail that resembled a skyscraper somewhere in Manhattan.  I have also spend my relaxed workout days planning my inlaw's 50th wedding anniversary dinner for 125 people in Boston Ma in September, planning a group cruise in January 09 after the Miami Marathon, my friend Beth's 40th birthday in Virginia Beach and .. oh yeah...paying that stack of bills on my desk.  

Ahhh yes...Recovery Weeks.  If I didn't have them, I think my lack of organization would surely take over!!!

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Oh that sounds familiar!!!!