Sunday, July 27, 2008

Working out in the Land of the Navy Seals

My New Mantra:
After working out in the land of 
the US Navy Seals..
I will NEVER whine about 
Ironman training again!!!

I traveled to San Diego California last Thursday to help my business partner, Rick, with a quest. He wanted to compete in the Seal Challenge in Coronado California.  My purpose for being there was to help Rick in the hours he had away from the challenge and to help him return home on Sunday.

24 hours prior to our departure, the head of the program called to inform Rick that the Challenge had to be reschedule for October.  It was too late to cancel our air tickets or to get the money back on our hotel.  Rick had already rescheduled Boot Camp classes, so we decided after much discussion that we would travel to Coronado anyway for a few days off.  The gentleman with the Seal Challenge offered for Rick to workout with the Seals for the days he was in Coronado and he was more than happy to take him up on that opportunity.  Once I have pictures from Rick's camera, I will share them with you.

Meanwhile, I had planned on doing some heavy workouts while Rick was involved with the Challenge.  These workouts included some long bike rides so I rented a road bike from Holland Bicycles in Coronado and did some exploring and working out all in one!  My workouts included taking the bike route around Coronado then down to Imperial Beach and to the Mexican Border.  I can tell you that the wind is strong along the Silver Strand and it was good solid 2 1/2 hours of riding.  The runs on the beach were made more interesting as I watched a Navy Seal class pass me by.  Suddenly, my run times increased.  Imagine that!! Ok folks, Im married..not dead.  These guys are gorgeous...ok!!!

So the next time I think I have it tough with a 4 hour ride or a 3 hour run or a 2 mile swim, I will remember those amazing men that are keeping us all a little safer tonight and what they went through to attain their position as a Navy Seal! HOOO YAHHH!!!

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