Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taking two days away to paradise

Ok...Hector is probably not pleased with me but Steve and I decided it was time to see my parents who live in the Bahamas several months out of the year.  For over 40 years, my parents have owned a boat that they sailed to the Abaco Islands and used island hopping around the different cays in this incredibly beautiful country.  Taking care of the boat had gotten a little overwhelming for them, so a few months ago they bought Windward House-a 4 bedroom 3 bath home on the Eastern Shore of Marsh Harbor Abaco with an amazing view of the Atlantic and the Sea of Abaco.  They made their way there in May and I haven't seen them since. It was definitely time for a visit.

My husband, the pilot, rented a Cessna 182 from Air Orlando and we flew ourselves and several hundred pounds of provisions to Abaco on Thursday.  It was fantastic to see my folks and to enjoy this incredible piece of property they have acquired.  The views are spectacular, the water is crystal clear and the sunsets are beyond description!!  I lost my camera when I was in Key West so you will have to go with the pictures I took with my phone.  The top pictures is the view from the front door of the house!! Wow!! The second pictures is us in the aircraft flying from Orlando to Marsh Harbor!! I got to fly "Stevie Class"...thats all the benefits of first class plus the added bonus of sleeping with the pilot!!! Wow!!  More pictures if I can ever get them from my dad!! We enjoyed the ocean, running around the island helping my parents furnish the house, floating in the ocean, and napping on the beach!!! Ahhhh!!!

It was good to see my folks and while I was in Abaco, I did a 6 mile run and a 45 minute open water swim.  I was trying very hard to stay up with my workouts.  We arrived back in the states at 1pm this afternoon to rain and storms.  I will be doing one of my long bike workouts on Sunday and moving the second one to Monday!!

Paradise was fun while it lasted!!!

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