Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay just won't go away..

Im a native Im use to the idea of Hurricanes and Tropical Storm.  Ill take either one of those over an earthquake any day of the week but I gotta tell ya...THIS Tropical Storm is the worst I have ever seen.  She is like your old Aunt Bessie that is suppose to visit for 3 days and stays 3 weeks.  She just WON'T LEAVE and she is making everyone's life here in Central Florida difficult if not miserable.

In Downtown Orlando we have had over 9 inches of rain in 2 days with more still falling.  That is light compared to Melbourne Florida with over 25 inches of rain.  I run a fitness boot camp that does workouts OUTDOORS.  This storm is KILLING my business and I really want her to pack her bags and head on her way to part of the country that NEED the rain.

Meanwhile, I am going insane riding a trainer and running on a treadmill.  To those of you in cold climates where training requires hours and hours of indoor work, I tip my hat.  I can't stand being indoors for this long let alone being on my trainer for 5 hours.  I would rather ride in the rain.  I did two workouts today- a 1 hour run and 1.5 hour ride and thought I would go mad.  This weekend, I have to do a 85 mile ride.  I don't care if its raining headed to the trail.

To all those affect by this storm, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.  I know many homes are flooded and roads are impassible.  Worrying about workouts is a tiny thing compared to losing your roof or wading through your living room.  

Come on Fay...isn't it time for you to visit your friends in GEORGIA, ALABAMA OR TEXAS!!???

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Sarah said...

Ok, ok, we took her for a little while. I hate this rain. Boo. You are going to rock your ride this weekend!!