Friday, July 10, 2009

A Fantastic Weapon in the war of weight loss and healthy eating

Ok guys and gals!! If you haven't experienced this website yet (and I may be the only one lagging behind), it is AWESOME. Talk about a wealthy of nutritional information!! Its all right there at:

Since my last stay at Structure House, I have been religious about imputing my food logs. I was using another site for this task but The Daily Plate truly has it all!! From putting together your own recipe and counting the calories and nutrition to how many calories that Burrito from your favorite Mexican restaurant will set you back in your calorie count, this website will have just what you need! I have moved my logs to this site as of this week. You can make your logs public or private (mine are private...are you kidding...I might not want you to see the Malted Milk Balls I ate with my husband during a movie)!!

Check it out sometime!!


Kelly said...

You are so good. I really need to start logging my nutrition, too. Maybe I'll set it up at DailyPlate.

RBR said...

I LOVE the Daily plate. I am doing WW right now, but I still use DP to check nutrition information to convert to stupid points.