Monday, July 27, 2009

Going the distance...

When I opened my Training Peaks this week, I knew that we were in the thick of the training schedule. It has become a tradition for myself and two other friends who are training for Ironman to compare what we are doing that week. One of my friends has another coach while the other is following his own plan as he has already completed Ironman Florida in 2007.

I shouldn't call it a comparison session...I should call it a bitch session...because that's what it is!! Bring on the cheese to go with the "whine" you hear from me as I stare down my weekend.

UGH! 12 mile run and an 80 mile bike!! Holy Saddle Sores Batman!! I'm happy to report I was not the only one enjoying the long distance workouts this week...the others were doing about the same.

It's hard training alone but I have made the revelation recently that this might help me at Ironman. There are going to be other racers and spectators but in the end, it's YOU. That's all. Just you and your thoughts and the battle of the mind vs. the body. So as much as I love my bike pedaling and road pounding Ironman dreamers, I headed out on my own both days.

5am...Saturday morning. I slam down the alarm clock and groaned. Immediately, the battle began. I could sleep in!! I could go get a wonderful breakfast with my husband while he is home. I could....and then reality sinks in....Ironman is in 105 days.

I struggle out of bed, make some coffee and get organized. Today will be a unique running day because Ill be running to my husband. This Saturday morning he is putting down the pilot hat and putting on the flight instructor hat as he teaches my middle brother how to fly. The plan was for me to run 12 miles from my home near downtown to the Orlando Executive Airport.

As the sun rose, I was on the pavement, Ipod on high and a goal to run at a steady pace for 12 miles. This means running 5-1's (5 minutes running 1 minute walking). The routine fell into place with no problem the first 9 miles. The next 3 miles were harsh. I don't know if it was lack of salt, the 87 degree heat or lack of nutrition but the engine just felt like it was not running on all the cylinders. I made it to the airport and sat for an hour while Steve finished the flight. I got some interesting looks because I certainly didn't look like I was getting on a plane ...and I definitely didn't smell like someone who would be boarding a private aircraft.

Steve arrived and laughed. "Oh my...we are sight to behold now aren't we" he said with a giggle!! I grumbled as I eased my weary body into the car. All I wanted was an ice bath and a nap.

I got home, took my ice bath, then my shower and settled in to watch Lance battle for 3rd place. I never made it all the way through the race before I was hard asleep on the couch. So are my weekend days now. Early morning LONG workout...and sleep in the afternoon.

My husband left on an evening flight for work and I had dinner with friends. They were all heading out for a wine tasting party, but I headed home. I had a long bike workout on Sunday.

Sunday morning at 4am arrived...and the process began again. I completed my ride but my legs were not as strong as they could have been. I made it 70 miles before I scampered for cover from another round of scary storms in the area.

Im making it through the workouts and Im trying very hard to envision myself at Ironman with every foot strike and every pedal stroke. I found that I talk to myself ALOT telling myself to push a little hard...a little faster...a little farther. I argue, I cry sometimes...but Hector is right. The person standing between me and my me!!!

I swear I need my head examined. Most people that talk to themselves as much as I did this weekend usually end up in a psych ward!!!

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Lani said...

It's the ones who DON'T talk to themselves who need help! You're conversations with yourself will get you through now and then!