Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In The Zone...

Zones play a huge role in training. Heart Rate Zones...Perceived effort zones ... all a part of getting better and faster.

But the zone to which I refer is very different from that. Its the feeling of being on the right road, with the right plan. Its the knowledge of being with the right coach and doing what needs to be done.

I think in the last few weeks, I have grown up a bit. A few months ago, I desperately needed Hector's supervision at my workouts. I felt like I needed that accountability to be able to accomplish my goals. I needed someone to kick me out of bed to get me to that 5am ride or that 6am run or to get me to the pool on time.

This week feels different: I feel like I am in the groove. I feel like I am settling into a routine. Don't get me wrong. I KNOW for an absolute fact that the next few weeks will increase in mileage, hours and intensity as I make my way towards Ironman. I still worry about speed and the ability to get across the line before midnight but now...it feels like its a part of me and not something foreign to me.

What has helped in a huge way to achieve this feeling is my husband's support. He has been home the last 10 days and has cheered me on so much. There have been times in the past few months that he was frustrated with the time I have spent training but, for now, he has been supportive and that has helped my mental game.

I still struggle with the HOURS ON HOURS of training. I still want to get out of the pool after 1500 yards and call it a workout but I have more mental strength now to push past those barriers and go to the longer distances. The mental game is starting to come together. Now...if I could just get a little lighter and faster!!

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RBR said...

Woo hoo! I love when it feels like it is coming together and becoming the routine.

From someone who just had it handed to her by IMCdA, work your swim.

You CAN and ARE doing this!