Monday, July 27, 2009

So what's on your handlebars?

Strange question? Sure it is....but if you're a triathlete, you might just know what I mean.

One of my FAVORITE things to do is to walk around a transition area prior to a race and look at all the bikes. It's amazing to me how different people are and what equipment people deem ABSOLUTELY necessary whether they are doing a sprint distance triathlon or an Ironman.

From walking around the Ironman Florida 70.3 transition area last year, I found a bike with the Speedfil bottle system on it and knew it would be perfect for me. It has a straw in your face that runs from a 40 oz bottle shaped in a triangle on a bracket on your downtube. From walking around St. Anthony's I got ideas on how to set up an efficient transition area and what people use for nutrition.

But what fascinated me the most was what people used on their bikes to motivate them. Not all bikes have something on them but there were those that used that opportunity of staring at your handle bars for hours to motivate themselves to go go farther.

So here are a few that I have read over the years:

At the Navy Seal Triathlon in Coronado CA: DON'T RING THE BELL!! (Ringing the bell three times at the Seal Team's Training Base means a Seal candidate wishes to quit the program)

At St. Anthony's in St. Petersburg, Fl: This is better than a hospital bed and chemo

At. Ironman Florida 70.3: FOCUS!! Don't forget: this is your dream!!

At Ironman Florida: Pain is temporary...Quitting is forever.

At Memphis in May Triathlon: A small replica of Thomas the Train hung from his handlebars with the words"I think I can..I think I can"

On my friend Rick's bike at every race: A piece of Lego building block with his son's name etched in the side hangs from his seat. He lost his child to Leukemia at age 8. Christian loved to build ANYTHING with Legos.

So what motivates you? For me...its so many things. This race is very symbolic for me. Tell me. What would you write on YOUR handlebars? Would the race be in memory of someone? Would you write your loved ones names that you will see at the finish line? A special quote that motivates you?? Your comments would help me decide what's on my handlebars.


Marci said...

I don't have anything other than my bike computer and aero bottle, but this post gave me some great ideas. I like the "pain is temporary, quitting is forever" I may just have to put that on my handle bars for my half iron in Sept.

The Running Girl said...

I don't have anything on my handle bars, but all of my TNT run jerseys have the following verse on the back: "...let us run with endurance the race set before us." Hebrews 12:1

I think when I do an Ironman, I'll have to put something on my bars.

IronBob said...

Nothing on my bars but in my mind Nov. 7 "Nothing else going on today, might as well keep going".

RBR said...

Cool post! You have been working so hard and doing so great! I am excited as you enter these last 100 days.

My motto at IMCdA: "You are not leaving this course until they make you"

And I didn't, until they did.

Next time I will swim and bike faster and can have a cooler motto. :o)

Go you! You rock!

Cuke said...

I still have them on my bike

"Have Fun"

"One Shot"

Sarah said...

I love this one because it reminds me to enjoy the journey - 'Make it count. Have fun. Dig deep. Stretch. Dream big'.

And this - The journey is the reward. Today is the celebration.

Another - The person you thought you were is no match for the person you really are.

Sarah said...

Oh, but this is my favorite -

You represent everybody who believed, or doubted. Who showed up because of, or in spite of. You'll cross for everybody who hasn't crossed yet, who will one day, and who never would. And you can either pull that weight, or let it pull you.