Friday, July 24, 2009

The fortune cookie...

Mend the first heartbreak, kill the doubting snake, conquer everything you undertake..

As my husband and I finished up eating at our favorite little Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar in our neighborhood of College Park, the waiter brought our bill and fortune cookies. "Cool...Dessert" I thought to myself as I ripped open then cellophane like a woman posessed!! A 25 calorie cookie is the perfect ending to a little sushi and hot tea.

The fortune stopped me dead in my tracks. My husband looked at me and he said I had this look of utter shock on my face. Combine the above with the fact that I redid my wall calendar for the next 120 days today and there was my red letter Ironman Day staring me in the face and this was all quite profound.

I WAS heartbroken last year. I tried so hard to put a positive spin on it but depression got the best of me for a little while. Through the months, Ive made peace with that. I've learned so much from the experience of another year of training. I am a better bike handler, a little stronger and a little more experienced at the longer distance workouts. It has all been good.

The "doubts" that still follow me around are like the snake in the grass. Time to exert some "pest control" and get rid of the negative forces in my head and in my life. Hector has told me that the one obstacle standing between me and my me!!

I do wanna conquer this distance and move on to other challenges. As I made out that wall calendar, it hit me that I haven't thought much beyond Ironman. I need to do planning beyond that spot in my life so that I KNOW I will accomplish this.

Tomorrow is a 12 mile run. Sunday is an 80 mile bike and a 5 mile run. Its going to be a tough weekend!!


Marci said...

What a telling fortune! Hope your workouts go well this weekend.

Julie said...

A tough workout...good thing your a tough lady!

Love the fortune!

IronBob said...

Let us know how the 80 miler and 5 mile run went.