Monday, February 15, 2010

The 15 pound mark...

Finally...after 6 weeks of weigh loss ups and downs, I made another milestone...15 pounds gone.

I am the MOST IMPATIENT person on the planet. This doesn't seem to be that much weight in my head. To someone who has lost around 200 pounds, 15 pounds feels like..well...a drop in the bucket...but then I had the ultimate compliment from one my biggest critics...

My oldest brother..

I don't care how old you get, in my family, the sibling rivalry is playfully still alive and well. Me, being the only girl, the ribbing is thrown out pretty thick and fast. Grow up being the overweight baby sister and you can only IMAGINE the garbage I took as a kid. Im not whining here...Im just stating fact.

So, when I ran into my brother in the neighborhood and he stopped, paused and stared at made me a little nervous. I braced for what would certainly be the joke of the day about how I looked or how I was dressed or something.

Instead I got " look have definitely lost some weight!"

Excuse me...who are you and what have done with my oldest brother?? I fumbled around for a polite but shocked thank you and he headed on his way to sell a few more cases of beer (My brother works for a Beer Distributor...really...I lucky could a sister get!!)

So I guess 15 pounds makes a difference in the real world of weight loss and not in the gastric bypass world where 15 pounds is the weight loss from your first week after surgery.

15 pounds down...25 to go until May 8th, 2010. will be close!!


Alex said...


The Running Girl said...

Way to go!!! Keep up the good work.

Amy said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Julie said...

15 lbs in 6 weeks is fantastic girl!!! Don't seel yourself short!


Good job on the weight.
You know.. I'm 100% sure that is the only barrier to your iron dreams.
When I weighed 225, there was no hope (in my mind). At 195 it was easy (relatively speaking).
You are close, now bring it home..
(and maybe talk the hubby into an IMFL anniversary present?, I'd bet WTC would give you an entry)