Sunday, February 21, 2010


By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.
--Christopher Columbus

I have to admit, I have been VERY distracted. After leaving Panama City Beach last year without a medal, I felt adrift. I felt like the ship with no sail, the car with no transmission or the triathlete with no bike. It was hard to gain focus again. Where do I go?? What do I do??

So other things in life came pouring in: charity work, family, expanding my business and just enjoying time at home. It's not to say that these things are not important because they are but some of these things are important but not CRUCIAL in my life. I get distracted very easily by saying YES too much and not saying NO enough.

I have a lot on my plate most of the time (in more ways than one....he he he..hey thats funny...LAUGH). After fulfilling a lot of obligations the last few weeks, I finally have a day to catch my breath and FOCUS. I have missed a lot of things that have brought me joy (including writing in the blog) and when those things are missing in my life, my quality of life slowly slips away.

If you see me not blogging, it is a bad sign. It is a sign that I am adrift again. It is a sign that I am not focused on those goals that are so precious to me: weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, being a good student of triathlon and being a coach to those that are just beginning their experience in this sport. If I am not here, I am not helping others who are fighting morbid obesity. I am not being a good steward to those who write to me a beg for advice on how to get off the couch, away from the ice cream and on the road where they belong. If I am not working on those feelings that push me to the land of food as comfort, I am not being a good wife to my husband...and that above all else is just not right.

Distractions SUCKS. So often, I say yes when the answer in my heart is NO....STOP!! I say yes when my schedule is bulging at the seams and it just can't take another obligation. The life balance is very hard to accomplish. What is even harder to accomplish is to find out what is most important in your heart and soul. All these things I say YES to are important to me...but I must determine what is my passion. What in my life can I simply NOT live without.

So this morning, as I sipped my coffee and enjoyed a morning before and afternoon run, I decided to sit and write in my blog and decide the things that were important. When things are quiet and peaceful, clear thoughts will come. When I removed the "white noise" from my world, I was able to see what clearly was my heart's desire and it came down to just a few things:

I grabbed a piece of paper and closed my eyes and wrote:

Triathlon-a participant and coach
Weight Loss/Health

I stared at it. Could it be that easy? Those four simple things are my world. Why does it seem so crazy when Im living it?? I guess its because I let others dictate my path instead of letting that inner voice decide.

I have 25 pounds left to lose and I am running out of time prior to May. I searched my heart and I know for an absolute fact that I can not go another year without attempting Ironman Florida again. I must get to this weight loss goal. I can no longer "play around"....I can no longer be distracted. I need to stay on track....and writing here and being surrounded by those who are on that same path will help.



Ralph Marston:
"Your goals minus your doubts equal your reality"
Sounds like you are zeroing in on eliminating your doubts... GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Lani said...

Ahh, welcome back. Knew you would eventually get back to us and to YOU most importantly. It is hard to say no to other things, but when you're ready (and I think you are) you are like a steam roller don't let ANYTHING get in your way!