Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The tests are back..

Well, after an Upper G.I. and a meeting with my gastric bypass doctor (he was amazed to see me...its been 4 years since my last visit to him), the verdict is in.

I have two peptic ulcers which are now being treated with two separate medications. I guess I should have posted this information before yesterday's blog but I was SOOOOO EXCITED about that workout, I just had to talk about it.

No one likes to hear about the medical mess that has been most of my life. The ulcers were the source of my pain but after a few days on the medication, the fire in my stomach is out and I feel a thousand times better. Is it totally normal?? Not yet but my performance in Hector's workout today was dramatically better than last week.

Last week, Hector put me on the Cyclops Stationary Bike to measure power and cadence while doing interval training. I made it through about half the workout when I just had to stop. My stomach was screaming, I couldnt hold down any water and I was miserable. We redid the test today and it made a world of difference. My power, speed and cadence was definitely improved and I felt like me again.

I also ended up sleeping almost 12 hours between a nap and sleeping through the night last night. I find sleep to be the most amazing thing ever. The rejuvenating qualities of sleep are a miracle and today I felt like I was much more alert and rested.

So things are improving and I hope this weekend's race will show those improvements in the way of a better finish time!

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